6 Best Open source WordPress Alternatives CMS For Website and Blogging

There are a bunch of good CMS alternatives to WordPress those are free & open source and available online. No doubt, WordPress is the most popular content management system(CMS) with huge themes and plugins database.  But WordPress is not only a content publishing system platform that supports plugins and has good community support; Joomla and Drupal are also there too. Moreover, in Open source CMS category the Joomla and Drupal are tough WordPress competitors. And if you are looking for some WordPress alternatives then today in this article, we have collected best Opensource alternatives to WordPress, have a look.

Best Open source CMS Alternatives To WordPress


joomla wordpres alternatives

The Joomla is the best WordPress alternative which is an Opensource CMS and can use for multipurpose just like WordPress. It has a large group of users and the developer community. Just like WordPress the Joomla also supports themes and plugins.

There are millions of government, businesses, and other corporations using the Joomla and they also have a very good support system and extensive documentation. The community of Joomla is very active and it has 7000+ extensions database. The problem is most of the Joomla extensions and templates are paid.

Few Key features of Joomla 

  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Unlimited Design
  • Multilingual
  • Flexible & Fully Extensible
  • Multi-User Permission Levels


Drupal wordpress alternative

After Joomla and WordPress the Drupal is another great open source CMS especially in terms of security. Again Drupal has also very strong user and community base and approximately powered 2.1 percent websites of the world.  The Drupal also works on modules and themes just like WordPress and share the same hardware or software requirements. Drupal has one of the most active forms which answer your questions in a very short time.

Drupal Key Features

  • SEO friendly
  • Highly secure
  • Modules and Templated support
  • Mobile friendly
  • Flexible and scalable

SilverStripe –WordPress Alternatives

SilverStripe is an intuitive content management system and more suitable for content management rather than blogging. It is similar to WordPress and available in dozens of language. It has 1 million+ downloads and 24,000+ community members.

SilverStripe Key Features:

  • HP5-based programming framework.
  • Security models
  • Workflow
  • Caching
  • Multiple languages
  • Modules support
  • And more…



Ghost CMS alternative to wordpress

Ghost is another good alternative to WordPress and an Open source blogging platform. The Ghost is a fully customizable platform. Also, provides hosting for the Ghost CMS.

Ghost Key Features

  • Intuitive Editing environment
  • Simple content management
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Structured data Support
  • And more…

Umbraco CMS

Umbraco CMS

Umbraco CMS is another bit new but good open source WordPress alternative. The Umbraco is a Microsoft ASP.NET based content management system with flexibility and great editing experience. You can either self-host it or can purchase the cloud hosting from Umbraco.  It has more than 443450 installations a good solution for the personal blog to it is a CMS solution better suited to organizations running large sites.

Umbraco CMS Key Features

  • Flexible CMS
  • Intuitive Editing
  • 300 extensions
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Based
  • Rich Text Editors (RTE)
  • Responsive to phones, tablets or desktops.




GetSimple is an Opensource XML based CMS  and easy to learn, It built and designed for small size business websites.  It also offers Theme Customization and plugins.  It is the simplest and lightweight WordPress alternative.

GetSimple Key Features:

  • Easy to understand interface
  • Can customize the installation without adding confusions
  • Ability to perform ‘Undo’, integrated site backups and revisions of all pages
  • Multiple users

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2 thoughts on “6 Best Open source WordPress Alternatives CMS For Website and Blogging”

  1. WordPress and these other alternatives are good choices as website building platforms that allows an average person to create a nice website free of charge. But…

    Many, if not most, people who want a website really want a web BUSINESS –they want to make money with their site. Yet while putting up a site is easy (as the “cheap-quick-easy” marketing hype promises), knowing how to build an online business is another story.

    Neither WordPress nor any of these other alternatives “as is” will build an online business which you get if you know how to do SEO and build traffic. They ALL are missing a do-able start-to-finish BUSINESS process.

    The reality is that most sites never get more than a handful of visitors. And without traffic, income is hard to come by. In other words, No traffic = No profits.

    Surely, you can slog through the mountains of business building advice and tools that are out there. But for most WordPress users and those using these alternatives it all ends up being too much.

    So, despite the dazzling display of WordPress/WordPress alternatives features (even SEO gadgets), the reality for most (non-tech) people who want to create a web business with WordPress or its alternatives is that they need to adhere to an easy-to-follow, all-in-one, proven, ethical webbusiness-building system (not a get rich quick scheme), tailored to say the WordPress platform, to get (1) a significant amount of traffic and get (2) targeted traffic (example of such a system: WealthPrinciples dot net or IncredibleFreedom dot com).

    Otherwise… you’ll end up having (and building) only a WordPress/Name of WordPress Alternative webSITE (or BLOG) but not a webBUSINESS.

  2. Здравствуйте! Magento is one of the best open source ecommerce software solutions we use. Thanks for sharing different types of open source ecommerce software solutions. Very helpful for ecommerce website beginners!


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