How To Customize Google Custom Search Engine Colors and Looks

If you already have installed Google Custom Search Engine on your WordPress based website or blog then its turn to customize it. If you stumble on this article and want to know how to add the Google Search in WordPress with Plugin. Please see it here.  The Google Custom search engine colors such as background, button, and border use its own white and gray default color. But you can customize it according to WordPress theme color and feel and for doing that just follow the steps.



 Add Own Colors and Looks to Custom Search Engine

Step 1: Go to the Google CSE website: and select the website you have added in that.

Step 2:  Click on the Control Panel and from the left side panel select the option Look and Feel.

Customize Google Custom Search Engine Colors and Looks

Step 3: After selecting the Look and feel option, now from right side select the Customize tab. Now change the Font, Background color, and Border color to suit your website and save it. The changes you made to custom search bar will show in the right side preview section, live. As soon as you save the changes, the same will reflect on your website. You can also select the pre-made themes from Google by selecting the Themes tab. 


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