5 Best Apps to Replace SHAREit on Android & iOS

As all of us know, the recent ban by the Indian government on fifty-nine Chinese apps has become the talk of the town and one of the hottest things in social media. So, it is our responsibility to provide you with the best alternatives for all those banned apps. Therefore, today, in this very article, I have come up with some of the best alternatives to the ShareIt app, the popular and famous files, and the data sharing app. If you were also relying on it, then you need not worry, as you can choose from the following options.

Best ShareIT alternatives for smartphone

Files by Google

It is one of the toughest contenders to clean up space on your phone in this list and can easily go head to head against almost any apps of such categories. You can share almost each and every type and format of files and data that you did on ShareIt. One of the most awesome things about this app is that it offers very fast transfer of files, you will be able to transfer huge amounts of data in very less time at a rate much faster than its rival. Furthermore, you do not need an internet connection for transferring data and files, and it is indeed very praiseworthy. Moreover, this app also allows you to clean up all the unwanted cache and unused apps available on your smartphone or tablet. You can also backup most of your precious data to the cloud to avoid and protect your privacy form, sudden loss, or theft. Last but not least, the fact that this app is from none other than Google, you can have your faith and trust in it.

Files by Google shareit replacement


Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

This Shareit replacement app is another player in this battle of supremacy and it has a lot to offer to you. It supports most of the formats and you can transfer files of numerous formats and remain assured that it has support for almost all your file formats. You can also share the link of this very app via all major social media platforms so that most of the people can download it and then you can start sharing files amongst yourselves. Furthermore, if you are not having an internet connection, then also you can share your files, and it is really a cool thing. You can share as much stuff as you want to, without any second thought. The only requirement is that both the sender and receiver must have this beautiful app installed in it.

Send Anywhere File Transfer min

Android & iOS

Share All: File Transfer and Share

The name of this is similar to Sharit and one more useful app in our kitty, let us figure it out. Do you want to share music, photos, videos, and various other formats of files from one smartphone to another? If yes, then this app can be considered by you all. You can transfer files even without internet and USB, yes, it is a completely wireless and internet free mode of the file transfer. One of the most astonishing things about it is that you have no limit regarding the size of data or file transfer, you have got no limits. If you are thinking about the data transfer speed, then you will be amazed to know that this app will offer you the rapid speed of data transfer.

Share ALL File Transfer Share with EveryOne min


Jio Switch

This ShareIT Alternative id not only free but also can secure file transfer and share without showing any Ads. I guess that most of you might be using Jio sim for calls and data, and now, an app from the same brand to let you share all your files. First of all, it supports numerous formats of files, so that you can transfer and receive almost all that you wish to. One of the best things about this app is that you can share files between both Android and iOS platforms, and it is indeed a thumbs-up feature about this app. Furthermore, you have the liberty to transfer as many files as you want and there is no specific limit regarding some maximum or minimum size, and it allows you to customize things as per your choice. It performs its duties without the internet, and it is nice as if you are on a slow internet connection or are somehow deprived of it, then also you can share all your stuff seamlessly. Last but not least, the app boasts that it offers a transfer speed of up to 100 times as fast as Bluetooth, and it is indeed very fast.

JIO Swritch min

Android & iOS

SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share

It is also one of the most popular apps when it comes to filing sharing, and you can definitely look forward to it. First, you need to pair your device with the help of QR code or NFC code and it is pretty simple. Once you are done doing that, then you can start sharing your files without any issues. Just like Shareit, SuperBeam also supports most of the file formats and you have high chances to find the format even of your old and outdated files. Furthermore, it also keeps a record of all the files that you have either sent or received till date. You can also choose your theme from some of the cool options available in it. When it comes to the speed, it will not at all disappoint you, you will get a very fast speed of file transfer. Overall, it is a fantastic app.

super beam shareit alternative min

Android & iOS

Start sending files with theses Shareit like apps

Thus, these are the five best and popular alternatives to the ShareIt app. If you were also one of the many users of ShareIt, then this article will be very helpful for you. The apps highlighted in this very article have got the best in class features and characteristics. And I am pretty much sure that after going through it, you might have found the best alternative for you.

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