Surdoc alternatives: 11 Best free online cloud storage services

Are you looking for free Surdoc alternatives to store or backup your images, videos, documents and other files on the cloud, then here are some free alternative solutions…

Surdoc, an online cloud storage provider which was offering 100GB of free space to its user when it was working. Unfortunately, it is shut down now and now more accessible, which also means would have definitely put somebody’s precious data into jeopardy. Thus, that’s why if before opting for any free online storage backup solution make sure that service is bonafide and trustable for the long run.

Best Surdoc alternatives to backup data on Cloud

Google Drive- Free 15 GB

Google Drive is a perfect and one of the safest alternative to Surdoc. It is easy to use. What a user need is only a Google Account. It offers free storage of 15 GB that will also be used for Gmail mailbox. The special thing about the Google Drive is it provides client apps for both Smartphones and Desktops (Windows, Linux & macOS) which makes it more useful and ease the process of synchronization of files and folders from PC/smartphone to Google Cloud. Moreover, one can create documents to save some data directly on Google drive with the help of Google Docs.

Microsoft OneDrive alternative to Surdoc  – ​​5 GB

If you already have a Microsoft account or a Windows Live ID, then you can simply easily use the Microsoft OneDrive; no further registration is required.  Just like Google Drive, the cloud storage service of Microsoft will be seamlessly plugged into your account.

Furthermore, it is available as client apps for Smartphone and Desktops just like the service mentioned above. Also, if you are a Windows 10 user, then you don’t need to install it, the client will come as pre-installed software. The amount of free storage on OneDrive is 5Gb which can be increased further by paying which is very cheap just $1.99 per month for 100GB.  Website

Dropbox Cloud storage – 2 to 20 GB

The third alternative to SurDoc is the Dropbox, not need an introduction at all. Yes, indeed being a popular online cloud backup service, the amount of free data storage it offers is very less which is 2 GB only; however by helping the company in promoting the Dropbox service, one can earn some extra space up to 20GB (Know-how). It also features a nice interface and offers the availability of apps for smartphones and Desktops for syncing of data. – 10GB online storage service offers a very nice interface and extremely easy to store your files in the cloud and share them with your friends. The interface is similar to NextCloud or OwnCloud open-source software. Besides a good service and 10GB of Free storage, one catch is there too, i.e users can only upload maximum file size of 250 MB at a given point of time.  See the Website. – 50GB, the best alternative to Surdoc is is an online service that offers cloud storage or file hosting service. Available as for Desktop as a web-based app and as an app for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Files are automatically get encrypted during upload, so the service itself does not know what your data is about. Thus, this end to end encryption doesn’t let anybody to intercept the uploaded data. Even the employees of Mega can’t access the uploaded data without a passkey to encryption. You can also exchange messages, share your files/audio/video calls with MEGA’s end-to-end encrypted chat.

Now, the best part of this free cloud storage alternative is it offers 50GB of storage which can be extended further by opting paid plans. The thing to be noted is you will not get whole 50 at once when you signing up, 15GB will be available; 20GB  you will get by installing MEGA sync client on your system. After that install, the MEGAsync app on your smartphone which will give you the rest of the 15GB, thus totals 50GB will be available in this way.


Yandex is one of the important web search engine services in Russia like Google. The company is the site with the largest number of users in the Russian network. And same like Microsoft and Google Surdoc alternatives, it also offers its own web-based cloud drive with 10GB of free storage space online. Website

The storage space can be increased further from 10 to 20 GB by referring Yandex Disk service to your friends and colleagues. Furthermore, using Yandex.Disk App on Android and iOS a person can avail an additional 32 GB of free storage, means total 42GB.


Another alternative to Surdoc with lots of options and a beautiful interface. It is paid service but also offers 10GB of free storage to newly signed up users.


Sync offers only 5Gb to its new users, however, the best thing is their referral program which lets you add 25 GB  of extra space. It is end-to-end encryption cloud service, Multiple users can work from the same set of folder; one can access it from Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android; File version history and deleted file recovery options; Vault storage and more…


MediaFire as alternative

On MediaFire as an alternative, one will get gratis cloud storage of 10GB is pretty much good because it not going to expire like MEGA cloud service free storage. Furthermore, one can increase free storage up to 50GB by referring it to friends and by installing the MediaFire apps on a smartphone.

Amazon Drive- 5GB Free Storage

When all the big names are in the race of providing cloud storage and backup services then how could Amazon left behind. In our this Surdoc alternatives list, the Amazon offers free cloud storage service up to 5GB after that a person has to pay in order to extend it. However, Amazon Prime customers will get unlimited photo storage space.

Degoo Cloud –  Free 100 GB Cloud Storage

Yes, indeed Degoo Cloud is providing 100Gb of free Cloud storage space to backup your data but its interface is not good and also cumbersome for noobs to understand. If you compare with the service of SurDoc, Degoo is one of the best alternatives to it.

Overall, security-wise and storage it giving a lot at gratis of cost.  Furthermore, 500 GB is available as a referral bonus.

Note: You can have Degoo installed on all your devices and view and download files but only the specified number of devices can upload files to your Degoo Cloud Drive. Plus to use can get access to the desktop versions by inviting 10 friends.

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