• 10 Best Free Terminal Emulator APP for Android

    Android Terminal Emulator apps come handy when you want to execute the commands inside the Android operating system just like in Linux.  The Terminal Emulator app window provides command line interface and also allow to connect other local machines in the network.

    Terminal emulator apps turn your  Android smartphone into a system that can execute the Linux commands. Mostly the geeks would like to prefer to use the android terminal app in order to access the Android’s built-in Linux command line shell. It gives them a complete control over the fonts, text size, colors, shells, widgets and much more.

    What is Terminal emulator?

    Originally, the computer terminal was the hardware device used to enter the data to main computing system but as they obsolete and somehow, now replaced by the Terminal emulator software. Today, the terminal emulator applications provide an ability to make your computer to work like a real terminal or client computer to connect and access the data from the server or mainframes.

    So, as we moving from our desktop to smartphone and tablets then why not our commands.  Here are some best terminal emulators for your Android devices to understand the bash commands.



    5 Best Free FTP client Apps for Android


    List Terminal Emulator for Android



    Termux app is similar to the Android Terminal Emulator app

    Termux app is similar to the famous “Android Terminal Emulator” app but it has an extensive Linux Package Collection. To search, install and uninstall any package, it uses a package management system which is like the popular Debian’s Advanced Package Tool (APT). Termux comes with some basic pre-installed packages but you can install any extra packages, you want. It features bash and zsh shells, support nano and vim, can access servers over ssh and more. It can also run text-based games with frotz. Termux developed in C with clang, make and gdb and uses the python console as a pocket calculator.

    Material Terminal

    terminal app android


    The Material Terminal app gives an access to the built-in Linux command line shell of your Android OS. This terminal app features full Linux terminal emulation, multiple windows, UTF-8 text, customizable interface-palette and the best thing is no advertisement. To extend the commands of this Android terminal app you can download other command utility apps such as Busy Box and Debian chroot.  It is a fork of Jack Palevich app called “Terminal Emulator for Android”.


    Terminal Emulator for Android

    Terminal Emulator for Android

    The features of this and above-mentioned Material app are same, but the interface of the Material Terminal is much better. Download 


    JuiceSSH – SSH Client

    JuiceSSH – SSH Client terminal android emulator

    Juice is all in one terminal client for Android devices with external keyboard support. It features IPv6 support
    Password,  RSA key generator, SSH key agent forwarding, OpenSSH private key support (ECDSA, RSA, and DSA),  third-party plugins, Copy & Paste within sessions, UTF-8 character support,  two-factor authentication, and much more…



    BusyBox Android Terminal Emulator

    The Busy Box works on rooted phones and capable of running Unix tools and GNU core utilities. It works with Linux kernel which makes it ideal for embedded devices.  As it works on rooted Android phones which makes it faster and perform well in terms of running applications.


    Tiny Utils

    Tiny Utils android emulators

    The Tiny Utils developed to works as an Android Terminal Emulator, BusyBox, Frotz, Perl and SSH via Dropbear to test commands on Android without rooting. It is a tiny application that accumulated various useful GNU/UNIX utilities. It features GNU fileutils, shellutils, and more.

    Tiny Util is the best environment for playing z code games but for running commands like chroot or su you need root permission of your device.


    Script Manager – SManager

    Script Manager for Android smartphone

    The Script Manager as obvious by its name meant to manage and execute the shell scripts and programs in system files.It features root explorer, file manager, multi tab browser, terminal emulator, widgets, graphical dialogues, script bookmark, zip, tgz, tar, tbz and yaffs2 compression support, and more. Also, it is an advertisement free terminal emulator app.


    Qute: Command Console

    Command Console & Terminal Emulator

    The Qute allow executing most popular PC commands such as ping, netstat, trace, cd, mkdir and more… You can be used it to run UnixLinux commands, bin files installation and create shell scripts. It also features bash script editor, autocompletes for commands, root devices support, basic execution of terminal commands and more.


    Terminal Emulator Free

    Android terminal

    The interface of this free terminal app is very clean and use the minimal resource usage of your phone. It is lightweight terminal allows accessing the built-in Android Linux commands. Multiple windows and language support. It is just another flavor of  Jack Palevich terminal app.




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