11 top Cooking Games to have on your Android and iOS phone

A portion of deliciously good food is all we need to satisfy our hunger and inner joy. There are many types of tasty food dishes and recipes available around the world and people really care about their favorite meals and would love to have them when they crave them. To cook those mouth-watering foods you need cooking skills and experience to cook such meals the way should be. Without proper knowledge and liking of making food, any person would not be able to cook some good food that you can enjoy while eating your meal.

Every single person is not a great cook or does not have the skills to make all the delicious dishes that you might love to eat. But, that does not mean you do not get to cook different dishes and can know about one or two things about cooking. In this digital world, mobile games are one of the popular things that you can access with a simple download. So, you can play many great cooking games if you want to enjoy cooking in it and grow as a chef or business within the game. That is a good way to spend your leisure time with entertainment and learn nominal things about cooking.

List of the top 11 Cooking Games to play on an Android or iOS phone

Cooking Fever

The game Cooking Fever is one of the most popular games in the world in the cooking genre. The popularity of this game is visible from the number of users and their liking towards it. In the game, you just do not need to cook some best dishes but also, you have to manage an entire restaurant from the very beginning of the game. The main objective of this game is cooking food combos which will be a time-based task. Once you proceed in the game by playing it and completing the tasks, the game might become complex would add more thrill to your playing time.

You will get a walkthrough of making combos and can get proper knowledge about the controls of the game as it delivers it to the users very conveniently. It is free to play and in-app purchases are there to buy them.

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza

All the pizza lovers around the globe who would love to play a game on making pizzas and fun can play Good Pizza, Great Pizza to fulfill their wish. In the game, a player needs to make pizzas to level up in the game and the restaurant chain. And by doing so, players can own a pizza shop as a result. In the opening hours of the working days of your shop, you need to make pizza as it has timed sessions for this.

When you make a profit by running your shop, then you can upgrade your pizza shop by purchasing toppings for pizzas as well as upgrading your machines that make pizza, etc. You can grow as a pizza shop and pizza maker in this game to have a great career in the pizza business. The game is free to download with in-app purchases.

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Cooking City

This is another interesting game in the cooking game segment. Cooking City is relatively easy to understand and play as the game interface is very eye catchy to notice all of the things very well. Thanks to the bright color nature of the game display. Here, the main task of the player is making food combos within a certain period of time instead of managing the whole restaurant. You have to act quickly to complete the combos for your customers because if you make them happy with your services by delivering the orders quickly then it can help to get you good profits.

You can download and play this game if you love playing such games which have time limits to complete the cooking tasks and keep you engaged in the game. The game is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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Diner DASH Adventures

Players who are looking for a kind of story-driven game can play Diner DASH Adventures as it has the flavor of a story-type game with some great entertainment. Basically, you have to take charge of a not-so-good food business and make it into a great business with huge success. In the game, a player must upgrade his/her food business by managing the finances in order to shine as a company. The game objectives are mainly time-based so you have to manage your tasks within the given time.

Having this game on your android or iOS device will certainly give you a good gaming time when you are free to play it. The game consists of ads but that will not hamper your gaming experience as it is not much to distract you. SO, you do not have to worry about the ads or microtransactions much.

Google Play or App Store


Restaurant Story

This cooking game is a bit unique in its own way. Restaurant Story is one of those games where you can build or change anything around your restaurant business. It is one of the great games in this genre as the player can decide about anything within the restaurant. Change the design of it whether it is your oven or floor tiles etc. You can change the theme of any object of your restaurant. Even you can also change your recipes and make them a bit complex in nature. Control every aspect of your business to make it a unique one.

The game has the second part of it as Restaurant Story 2. You can play that game as well if you want but most likely you would enjoy playing the first version of the game as it is more entertaining. Download this cooking game on your android or iOS devices to make your restaurant as the game progresses.

Play Store or iOS App Store


Cooking Mama

Now, this game will provide a very enjoyable gaming time to the gamers who seek these games to play and get entertained. One of the major things about this game is, you can build your ingredients with the help of this game and that is a unique thing to have. Apart from this, you need to manage the whole restaurant business as the player can do different tasks to collect important cooking materials for cooking. You need to collect supplies from the forest, fishing, and animal herding, etc other tasks to make a variety of dishes in order to earn money.

The profit you make by doing all of the tasks is essential for upgrading your restaurant by designing your kitchen and purchasing supplies to make delicious food along with other things. You can do many things in the game which will make it interesting and you can play it for a long time.

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World Chef

Now, if you want to try out a game where you can cook as many dishes as possible then World Chef is the perfect game for you to try many dishes around the world and know about them. And that is the main thing about this game which makes it very famous in the segment of cooking games around the world. Varieties of cuisines are there from different parts of the world which a player can make and gain experience as a chef.

That experience of cooking different dishes from different parts of the world will provide you with some necessary learning to run your own restaurant by managing it properly. It can help you to know about some dishes and the ingredients are used for making those dishes. And you can learn some tricks to use them in the game and use them in real life too for nominal things. Download the game as it is free to play on your smartphones to enjoy the experience of being a master chef.

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My Cafe

My Cafe is another user-friendly cooking game that is basically based on creating your dream cafe and running the business for profit. In this game, you decorate your cafe just like the way you wanted it to be. You can decorate it as a coffee shop or can maintain it as a proper restaurant or any other way you want. Build a cafe that you would love to have and do business from your shop. Some interesting features of this game are you can select the food price of your cafe and also hire workers to work with you to make this business profitable.

You can build a good relationship with your regular customers and become friends with them. And you can meet some other clients as well in order to establish some sort of relationship with them too. In this game, there is an opportunity to give competition to other cafe owners for better results of your cafe from the other ones are really enjoyable. It is pretty much free to have on your phone and get a taste of it by playing the game.

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Toca Kitchen 2

If you are looking for a cooking game that is completely different from most of the other popular games within the segment then Toca Kitchen 2 is the game for you. What is the unique part of this game? Well, the overall game is unique as you can create any type of dish or recipe you want. It does not have to be a real-life dish. Just hop into your imagination and combine any ingredient and any other food product to produce a new and unique dish.

You can do anything to create a unique one like boiling banana and onion together or fry apple pieces etc. It is on you what you want to make for your customers. Serve your customers with such imaginary combos or dishes to observe their reactions and impress them with your creativity. That is very entertaining and refreshing for sure. The game also helps to become more creative that might help people to some extent. Install it to play this creative game free of cost in nature.

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Indian Cooking Express

This is a cooking game based on Indian cuisines which any interested player can play if he/she likes Indian cuisines or want to know about them. It is one of the fastest-growing games in the genre of cooking games. It is focused on some dividing worlds and each world act like an Indian state and the cuisines it belongs from. The timed challenges which the players need to finish for managing it properly. While you progress in the game, you need to upgrade your kitchen which will help you to cook some special recipes.

Best Cooking games for Android and iOS

You have to cater to your customers with such dishes which you can find challenging and exciting. The game has good graphics that can provide you with a good gaming experience. So, you can download the game if you are into Indian cuisines and want to know about them by playing this game.

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Masala Express

Just like the Indian Cooking Express, it is also a cooking game that has a flavor of India. Here, you will get a character, who is a chef and her name is Priya. Your task is to help Priya in the game to her goal to make a name for herself in the cooking and restaurant industry. You need to manage the restaurant with the character as the game progresses with a storyline. There are plenty of Indian dishes is available which you need to cook in order to help her and grow the business.

Time management skills will be essential in the game to serve the customers well and you can upgrade the restaurant and the kitchen with appliances and decoration materials. And also, you have to keep the quality of the food and try to improve it with your skills. The game is a very good Indian online cooking game which is growing rapidly among people. You can install it to enjoy the game and help the character grow in business.

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Cooking games can be fun to play and you can install any of the above games on your android or iOS devices to have the experience of playing one of those games with entertainment. Every game is special and enjoyable for any person who is interested in playing such games.


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