Top 5 sleep apps for Android to help you enjoy a good night’s sleep

So, I am here with the top 5 sleeping apps for Android smartphones, which can help you sleep tight at night and eventually maintain optimum productivity throughout the day.

We all use smartphones all day, and most people accuse it of sleeplessness, insomnia and similar other troubles. Well, unregulated use of smartphones throughout the day and even during the night, stress at work or family, collectively can be the cause behind sleeplessness, insomnia, or other similar troubles. There are numerous ways you can eradicate the effect of a smartphone on your sleep, but sound sleep requires complete peace of mind, comfortable ambient temperature, etc. In short, you need the perfect conditions to enjoy a good sleep. But the smartphone, which is notorious, according to some people, for not letting them sleep can actually help you sleep properly. How! Let’s find out.

Just like different apps available on the Google Play Store, there are also a handful of apps, which can help you get a good night’s sleep, just in case you want it madly. Besides giving you a good night’s sleep, you can even have a look at the sleep quality through different sensors connected to a wearable or the smartphone itself. You can download a few of the apps, which can help you get a good night’s sleep, however, choosing the most appropriate one for yourself might not be a piece of the pie.

So without any further delay, let’s get started with the list of sleep apps for Android.

Best apps for Sleeping on Android phone

Sleep Sounds

The app for sleeping helps people to sleep at night with some charming music continuously playing in the ears or nearby. If you already have a playlist containing sleep-friendly music, you can listen to them to have a tight sleep. But sometimes natural sounds like the sound of a snowfall, waves breaking on the sand, rainfall, can also be helpful to give you a feeling of sleeping in nature’s lap, for getting you a good night’s sleep. Sleep Sounds is just the app for that purpose. 

Sleep Sounds best app for sleeping

On sleep sounds, you can find a number of natural sounds like the sound of rainwater, waves, storm, snowfall and many more. Besides that, you can even choose some other artificial yet satisfying sounds like the sound of an airplane, train, which will give you a feel of night travel, that can eventually be very satisfying enough to let them sleep, for a number of people.

You can even set the time for the sounds to automatically stop or customize them to your liking. Sleep Sounds come with a number of great sounds that can help you sleep and thus, the app is worth giving a try. 


Another great sleeping app for iOS and Android app to help you sleep at night is Pzizz, which also play some peaceful sounds to help you sleep properly at night and wake you up the next day full of energy. Pzizz is more than just playing some ordinary sounds to help you fall asleep.

Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus

Every night on Pzizz, you will experience a completely new set of music with some 3D voices that will create the most appropriate virtual environment for you to fall asleep quickly. Besides sleeping at night, you can even use Pzizz to help yourself take some small power naps.

It is important to wake up full of energy, as it is to sleep properly at night. Inability to wake up properly can ruin your complete day and it is when Pzizz comes to play. Every morning, Pzizz will play some energetic music, which can help you get a great start to the day besides helping you wake up properly in the most gentle way.

Unlike most other apps that play music and different sounds to help you fall asleep, Pzizz plays a new set of audio every night so that your brain doesn’t stop responding to that same music and sounds to help you sleep properly. Pzizz is a powerful app under the great simplicity of the user interface that can be used by almost everybody out there.

Deep Meditation

Meditation can help you lead a better and more productive life and Deep Meditation is an app for that. You don’t need to join any centre to learn meditation and do it every single day.

Deep meditation will help you meditate in a silent environment with some beautiful music playing in the background, and you can even get assistance if you are a beginner, and haven’t meditated ever in your life. There are short meditation audio clips and tutorials for beginners, however, there are even some which are meant for regular and experienced meditators.

Deep Meditation Relaxation & Sleep Meditation App

Deep meditation is not the app with meditation as the sole purpose. You can even use Deep Meditation to sleep properly at night by choosing the appropriate natural sound from its vast library of sounds.

The best part of Deep Meditation is that it is a completely free app and you can use it forever to get a good night’s sleep and improve your living with regular meditation, which can yield you a bonus by improving your overall productivity at work.

Ten Percent Happier

If you are leading a stressful life and that is affecting your sleep and overall lifestyle in a drastic way, Ten Percent Happier app can help to improve your life by not just 10%, but somewhat more than that.

Ten Percent Happier is a meditation app, which can guide you through everyday meditations to keep away the stress from your life besides helping you fall asleep in the easiest possible way even when you are going through the most stressful time of your life. The app comes with over 500 meditations, and it can be helpful for getting you a good night sleep.

Ten Percent Happier – Meditation & Sleep

New contents are added to the app every week so that you can experience something new and make falling asleep far better and interesting. Ten Percent Happier also comes with small stories of wisdom, innovation, and motivation as incentives, which can help you get some refreshment and extra productivity at work if you are not in the mood to meditate at some point in time. So Ten Percent Happier is an app to help you get an overall better lifestyle, and good sleep is also a part of it.


Having a peaceful atmosphere around is the key to getting a good night’s sleep and that is when Sleepo comes to play. Another best app helps for sleeping 

Besides offering you a number of great natural and artificial sounds to help you fall asleep, you can even mix and match them up to fulfil your needs and listen to the most appropriate audio combo to help you fall asleep. Other than offering you a collection of different natural and artificial sounds, you can even add music from different musical instruments to enjoy more peacefulness at the time of sleep.

Sleep Sounds best app for sleeping

Sleepo can even run without an Internet connection, and the music can automatically be configured to stop after a certain time depending upon after how many minutes or hours you fall asleep. Besides helping you fall asleep, Sleepo can also help you concentrate on your studies or work, meditate, and improve everything, which requires constant focus for success.

It is one of the most popular sleep apps to help you fall asleep on the Google Play Store, and thus, the app is worth giving a try. 

So those are the apps, which you can use in order to fall asleep easily or at least help you get out of your sleep problems in the easiest possible way. However, you are also recommended to use the smartphone less at night, and reduce all your stressful work, or stop doing them altogether at least two or three hours before you go to bed. Having a good diet can also be useful to help you fall asleep easier. 

If you have tried all the generic approaches to get a good sleep at night, I am sure the apps that I have mentioned here is surely going to help you. The apps I have mentioned here can help you fall asleep as long as you are not having any serious health troubles or medical complications. In such a situation, it is advisable that you contact a doctor to not further complicate your problems.

Hope the list of top apps to help you fall asleep easily, was useful for you. Do you know any other app that deserves its name in the list or has anything to say? Feel free to comment on the same below.