Top 6 Logbook apps for Android and iOS

If you are a professional driver and you find it troublesome to record your daily the log sheet, then here is the solution in the form of Logbook app. You also may be one of them who have heard about Logbook apps before but still confused in deciding which one is the best for you, if yes, then this best Logbook article is for you. Using a well-engineered Logbook app, you can automate most of the process and put blind-folded trust upon the system to fix your schedule. Yes, all the apps are not the same, as some of them are expensive while some of them are very easy to use and others are quite complex to comprehend. Also, Logbook apps are not only a core need for drivers, but it is also a lifesaver for Caravanners, Bikers, Sailors, etc.

Best Vehicle Logbook apps for Smartphones 2020

Go through the articles to learn about the best vehicle and electronic Logbook apps in the market, which you can use for your daily routine monitoring.


The very popular GOFAR logbook application is developed by an Australian telematics company to automatically track all the business mileage expenses for any busy fleet drivers. The application is an ATO Compliant logbook system which comes with the OBD2 hardware compatibility. All you need to do is to plug into the vehicle’s OBD2 port and it automatically pairs with the smartphone.

GOFAR logbook application


  • The app automatically tracks and logs the drivers relevant trip data which can be exported into a Microsoft Excel sheet directly and also can be emailed along with the odometer readings, time & date as per the ATO and IRS rules.
  • It also makes the derivation of mileage data separately very simple, in case of you, use the same car for business and private usages.
  • GOFAR features a unique system called The Ray, by following the advice you can save up to 30% on fuel consumption. This feature provides a huge bonus income for the drivers who are professional and earn their bread & butter with this work.
  • The Ray Fuel Saver algorithm finds the sweet spot your car’s engine where it is most efficient. It gives a Blue led signal when you are in that spot if you are not in that spot, it gives a Red led signal.
  • It is supported by both the Apple and Android devices, you can search for GOFAR and their price on iTunes and Play Store 
  • GOFAR is a free application, so it is a cup of tea for everyone. Though the features of the Ray is a part of the premium services which comes with a price tag.


LogbookMe is perfect for fleet managers who has a good budget and need to deal with extra compliance options. LogbookMe also comes with the OBD2 hardware support, just like GOFAR, and according to service and reliability, you can compare the LogbookMe app with GOFAR.

LogbookMe app


  • LogbookMe costs a monthly fee up to $40/month depending upon the services you choose. So, LogbookMe is not meant for everyone, but for the Agencies and corporates, not suitable for the individuals.
  • LogbookMe comes with the feature of auto-update, so good for those busy persons.
  • It features an auto-update feature which will automatically start and end the trips and will prompt the user with notifications, the saved records can be classified and edited further.
  • LogbookMe features a calendar integration which helps the user to classify your personal and business trips in different tabs.
  • There is another advantage, that LogbookMe has Cloud support. So, the data can be accessed, managed and emailed and edited from anywhere, anytime.
  • The reports come both in PDF and Excel formats, the data format provided by LogbookMe is totally ATO complaint.
  • LogbookMe features customizable modules for both the fleets and single vehicles.
  • LogbookMe service can even cost up to $200 per month depending upon the features you opt for.
  • According to most of the aspects, LogbookMe app is a perfect GOFAR alternative.
  • This LogBook is compatible with Android, iOS (iTunes) and Windows 10, so basically it supports all kind of devices.

KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook

KeepTruckin is another very popular electronic Logbook App and ELD system. As per the company it has been used by more than 40 companies and 500k drivers. This electronic Logbook App runs both on smartphone and tablet to register hour of services and fully compliant with FMCSA and DOT regulations.

KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook app
KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook app


  • Supports ELD hardware device via Bluetooth or USB
  • The drivers can avoid hours of service violations as the app sends the notification or alerts in advance to notify the driver.
  • Offers the view of working hours and week
  • Without compromising the privacy, the inspection mode for of the app shows logs to an officer during a roadside inspection
  • Make fleet manager up to date through the Messaging and Documents features.
  • Upload documents like Bills of Lading or Accident Photos to inform fleet management.
  • It is available for both Apple’s iOS and Android Google Play Store.


Driversnote – Mileage Tracker on Autopilot

Driversnote is another mileage logbook application which automatically tracks the records of trips which come up with mileage claims for your ATO or IRS tax claim.

Mileage Tracker on Autopilot by Driversnote
Mileage Tracker on Autopilot by Driversnote


  • Driversnote is a very good choice for the self-employed drivers, car service providers, who need to document both the business and personal trips to comply with ATO and IRS requirements.
  • Driversnote also features the option of auto-starting and auto-stopping.
  • There are three types of paid slabs for Driversnote which are lite, basic and enterprise. The basic version starts with $9.50 per month.
  • The logbook app is quite good, but it has some users reported errors where the app automatically started recording when it was not necessary or not intended, like when you were travelling in some other car as a passenger. So, you should keep an eye to avoid the unintended data recording which may jeopardize the ATO and IRS reports.
  • Driversnote is compatible with both the Android and iOS devices, you can also access all the information from the cloud storage from anywhere in the world anytime.

DriverDirect – electronic logbook, expense recording and fuel site locator

DriverDirect is a free to use logbook app engineered by the Toyota Finance Australia Limited, which comes with various features which are actually best suited Toyota vehicles.

DriverDirect electronic logbook, expense recording and fuel site locator
Electronic logbook, expense recording and fuel site locator


  • DriverDirect comes with a “Fuel Site Locator” feature which helps a driver to find the nearest petrol station without using any map or GPS.
  • The user can also record the other expenses, generate reports on the expenses and also can view the reports in graphical form like in bar charts, pie charts, line charts etc.
  • The reports can be downloaded in CSV format and in PDF format, can be mailed directly, without even downloading it.
  • GPS tracking enabled
  • Keep tracks on the trip history records
  • Comes with an expense calculator and expense report organizer
  • The generated reports are completely ATO compliant.
  • You can also configure datasheet desperately for rented or leased vehicles.
  • The DriverDirect app is a Free of cost application.
  • Supported by Apple and Android devices, available at iTunes and Play store.

Vehicle Logger | Log Book

The last but not the least app on our list is the app called Vehicle Logger. Using the Vehicle Logger application, the user can store and share the car logs and other data using Cloud Platforms like One Drive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Vehicle Logger best LogBook apps for smartphones
Vehicle Logger LogBook apps for smartphones


  • Vehicle Logger is best recognized by the IRS roster where it promoted its presence internationally and got recognized as a quality mileage logging application.
  • It features Bluetooth support and Trip Triggers.
  • Via using Vehicle Logger you can enjoy the features of expense logging, calendar integration etc.
  • Vehicle Logger supports file export in the PDF and CSV format.
  • It comes with a home screen widget, the data can be stored on cloud storages and web platforms.
  • Vehicle Logger is free to use the application, but features various in-app purchases, various advanced features can be accessed via those in-app purchases, else you can use the standard edition of the app for free.
  • Supports Microsoft Maps, Google Maps and other navigation apps.
  • Supported by the Android devices only, available for download on the Play Store.


Wrapping Up- Logbook Apps

So, if you want to manage your business or the fleet prominently, then you must choose a Logbook app for your own business sake. To pay the tax perfectly on time, or to save the unnecessary expenditure due to bad driving, all can be detected and managed via using a well-engineered Logbook application. Logbook apps are good for fuel economy, good for detecting common car faults, monitoring and improving driving safety etc. So, now you have to choose according to your budget and need. The above-discussed apps are the best in the market for sure, now go to you accounts check for the budget and also rethink on your priorities to understand the needs of yours from the application, then choose the right one for you. Have a safe driving.