Top 6 Apps in the Google Play Store help you to quit Smoking

We all know that smoking is one of the most deadly threats in today’s world. Though it is very dangerous at the same time it is also very common and you can find smokers almost everywhere. It has affected a big part of our population and as a result, many people are badly addicted to it. Most people take it as regular medicine, while many want to quit it but are not able to do so. As we all know that smoking on a regular basis becomes a gateway to many harmful diseases which can ultimately result in death so everyone must stop this bad habit of smoking as soon as possible. 

Best free Android apps to help you quit smoking:

Thankfully, technology has come up to your aid once again, as we all know that there is nothing which technology has not influenced in this world whether directly or indirectly, the same goes for this problem also. Therefore, without any further debate let me get straight into the topic.

Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking

This small 5 MB size app for Android to stop smoking from Despdev is indeed very helpful. It is designed in a unique way that influences your mind to quit this bad habit right now. This app simply calculates and shows you how much money you can save if you do not purchase all those cigarettes and then give you motivational quotes regarding the same which are sure to melt you as we all know the value of money, for instance, even if we fall short of 1 rupee on the cost price of an object then most of the shopkeepers won’t let us buy a particular item, so each and every single penny counts and just imagine how much you are saving every day, every week, and so on.

Quit Tracker Stop Smoking

Furthermore, it also illustrates to you the valuable time that you waste every day by smoking, this precious time can otherwise be used to complete some important work or can be spent with your loved and dear ones. You can figure out how much time of your life you have lost by smoking and how can you still make things better. The in-app purchase is 50 rupees. So, it is really a good app and you should definitely download it and enjoy a smoke-free healthy life.

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Flamy – quit smoking & become a non-smoker

Offline-first is the maker of this 7.5 MB size app and it is designed to help you eliminate your deadly habit. You can choose between the two modes, either you can quit smoking slowly in the program called one less every day or you can choose to quit smoking quickly in the 14 days challenge, so it is up to you which one you want to choose.

Once you have chosen the right program for you, after that you can begin your journey towards a healthy life. Every day you are going to get motivational and inspiring quotes that are sure to give you goosebumps and make you realize that now is the time that you make a tough yet amazing decision that is going to completely change your life and make you a new and good person which you and all your family members and wellwishers have always wanted you to be.

We all know that quitting smoking is not child’s play and so does this awesome app. It comes loaded with so many features, games, and challenges that once you have completed them all, you are sure to find a drastic change in your life and one of the most addictive habits would have been long gone by that time. The in-app purchases range from 50 to 300 rupees.

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Stop Smoking – EasyQuit free

This small 6 MB size app from Mario Hanna is here for your aid. It provides you with all the benefits that you are going to receive once you have given up your bad habit of smoking. It showcases you the situation in which your health is now and what it is going to be when you have quit smoking, all these acts as a catalyst as well as promoted the chemical reaction going on your mind for stopping that deadly habit. It has a number of memory games that shaken your brain and showcase the importance of focus and at the same time also highlight the fact that you are losing everything, even your body, heart, brain, etc for smoking.

Stop Smoking – EasyQuit free app for Android

Furthermore, it also comes packed with many other features which are arranged in a step-by-step manner to ensure the job is done. The biggest astonishment of this app is that it has no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

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Smoke-Free: Quit Smoking Now, Stop Smoking Forever

This 14 MB size app from David Crane Ph.D. can help you achieve your health goals. It prepares a chart in front of you which highlights major things from the day you stop smoking. It shows you the precious money which you have saved and which you have wasted as well. The number of good days of your life begins the day you quit smoking and then your real healthy life starts. The number of cigarettes that you have not smoked since the day you decide to leave that bad habit. The way your health earlier was and the way it is improving now, the number of deadly diseases which you have escaped. These are all those things that this app showcases for you.

Furthermore, you can also share your progress with your friends and family who intern will further praise you on your success and motivate you further to never look back and keep moving further and further. You earn rewards from it on a regular basis based on your progress. The in-app purchases range from INR 70 to 410 and you can make them without any issues as your health and life are above anything else.

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QuitNow! Quit smoking

This 13 MB size app from Fewlaps is another friend of yours in the bucket which you can look up to any time. It provides you with 70 goals for stopping smoking. It will also highlight the money you saved from the day you stop smoking. Furthermore, it also provides you with a unique platform in which you can chat with many ex-smokers who were previously very bad smokers or simply chained smokers but now they are normal healthy people.

They will share with you all the struggles and problems they faced in their lives and how they overcame all the odds and were successful in their battle. All these stories are sure to give an adrenaline rush and raise one question in your mind if they can then do it, then why can’t I?

QuitNow Quit smoking app for Android

Furthermore, it also shows you the adverse effect that it causes to your health and how you can still save your health. And after all, when you also become a healthy and fit person then it is your duty to become an example for all those who are still under the addiction of this evil and help them come out of it. The in-app purchase is 250 rupees.

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Quit Smoking – Stop Smoking Counter

A7 Studio is the maker of this 16 MB size app. It shows you the benefits and advantages of a smoke-free healthy life. It highlights the time that has passed since you smoke your last cigarette. The number of cigarettes which you did not smoke, the amount of money saved by you. It also analyses the amount of harmful tar and nicotine that has not entered your body, the time you have saved which would otherwise have been wasted on smoking, and last but not least, the moments of your priceless life which you have saved and even extended it further.

Quit Smoking – Stop Smoking Counter

This app prepares the step by step strategies for you to avoid smoking, you are set to receive motivational and inspiring quotes every day and you also get to interact with other people who will share with you their experiences, you will also get the details of over 80 killer diseases that are caused due to it and so on. The in-app purchase ranges from 85 to 410 rupees and it is not at all a big amount considering the work it does.

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Thus, these are the six best apps currently available in the Google Play store which can help you to quit smoking and lead a normal, healthy and happy life. And it also makes you a better person in every way. The diseases caused by smoking are not at all alien to us and we all know the deadly effects of each of them. Most people have wasted a long part of their life on smoking but believe me, there is no other day better than today to stop it and all these apps will ensure that you achieve your goal faster. After going through all these apps, you must have found the perfect one for you, simply download it and then just follow it patiently come up as a new person.


User recommended one:

Smoke-Free : The WIND Method – Quit Smoking Course

Smoke Free The WIND Method Quit Smoking Course

We have not tested it yet, however, recommended by one of our readers. It is a relatively new application that offers 800+ minutes of psychology, sports, and meditation media content. Let you count on your Daily progress with the help of a beautiful graph along with allowing you to analyze the patterns: when do you smoke, and why. Offers methods to handle smoking cravings and community support.

It is also available on Google Play Store.


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