Are you Planning dream holiday trip in India? Try these Android Apps

All of us want to enjoy our holidays to the fullest. We plan our holidays in the best possible way so that our each and every moment becomes a memorable one that we can cherish for years to come. This thing is very well understood by the evergreen technology and it has made a huge impact in this field. As a result, we can now plan our entire holidays just by sitting in our home using a smartphone. 

Best Android travel apps to plan a trip, in India:

There are many apps available in the Google Play store to help you do the same. So without any further debate and delay let us get to the point.


One of the favourites and most-used Android apps for trip planning Goibibo is here for hotel, car, flight, train, bus booking. This is one of the best apps and you are sure to find your favourite hotel. Just download this app, choose your holiday destination, then simply browse through a vast number of hotels ranging from cheap, normal and expensive categories and then choose the perfect one for you.

It is secure and safe and you can simply book through it without any hesitation. Furthermore, you can also book train tickets, flight tickets, bus tickets, cabs and different types of activities like restaurants, shirt your and journey packages, and so on. Furthermore, you can book flight and train tickets as per your choice after browsing through many options present. You also get time to time offers and discounts so you are sure to find your dream deal sooner or later. So, what is stopping you? Just go to the Google Play store and grab it and start your holidays.

Goibibo best Android for trip planning in India

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Make my trip has made this wonderful app for us. This is also somewhat similar to Goibibo and you can plan your holidays using it. Just like Goibibo, you can also book trains, flights, buses, cabs, and hotels all around the globe. You are sure to find your type of deal with it, it covers all ranges from cheap to expensive. You can access all your bookings just by a click. We all know that holidays are very special as it is the quality time that we spend with our loved ones so we should not leave any stone untouched and plan it in the best way possible. So, this app ensures that you fulfil your dream and just go on to rock the world. Therefore, grab this app right now and start the tour.

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Trivago, the makers of this app has made it just the way you want it. You can compare the prices of a huge number of hotels from this app and then choose the best one for you. One of the biggest advantages of this app is that you can choose from over a million hotels present here. Isn’t that crazy, well, yes it is. And believe me, from that ample amount of options available, you are sure to find your desired hotel. As we all know that hotel booking is one of the most important things as soon as we plan the trip and this app is here to help us.

best travel planning app -trivago Compare hotel prices

In short, you can say that you have a super guide in your pocket who is there to assist you in every step of your hotel booking and that too without charging any bucks, so it is a solid deal. Just download it and give it a shot.

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OYO: Hotel Booking App

Oyo comes up with this challenger but does it make an impact, let’s find out. Well, it has made a big name for itself all because of the services which it offers. You simply need to download this app, then browse through the large variety of hotels, it has over 3.3 lakh hotels from which you can choose from. One of the most tempting features which ensure that you are sure to download it is that after the registration you get 100% cashback on your first booking, this is sure to push you to Google Play store to download it and start the party.

The value of money is not hidden from any one of us and we know its worth, and still if you an almost free deal on your first booking, so I guess there is nothing wrong with it. All said, just download it and let the fun begin.

OYO Hotel Booking App

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This is another cool contender and you are sure to find your type of hotel using this app. One of the most astonishing features of this app is that apart from hotels you can also book rentals and another sort of lodges and more using it. You get to choose over a crazy 1.5 million options, all you need to do is simply browse through them and find the best deal for you. Furthermore, you can also read many customers made reviews about the various hotels which you find suitable for your stay. Hotel booking was never this simple, but it has been made now, I don’t think anything should stop you from downloading this app now. Hotel Reservations

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Thus, these are the five best apps in the Google Play store for planning your dream holiday trips. After going through this article, I hope you must have found the perfect app for you, just grab it from the play store and let the party begin. I hope you found this article useful, feel free to share your views.