Top 7 Games to be played on VR Gaming Headset

If you have just bought a VR headset, then you must be wondering how you can enjoy that headset via unlocking its full capability and how you can churn the VR headset experience at most. The VR headsets are spreading like a hot new trend at this moment around the world. Moreover, the VR headset could be a very good gift item for this new year moment. You can enjoy watching a movie with your new VR headset, however if you are a game lover then to enjoy the VR set at its fullest you must try VR enabled video games. No matter whether you are using Oculus Quest or Vive Cosmos or a Nintendo Labo VR set, there are many games which are VR enabled and would be a very good choice to explore the full capability of your new VR set.

Apart from that if you are a game enthusiast who wants to explore the world of VR gaming, this article is for you as well. As in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best VR enabled games available in the market, which everyone should try and experience.

So, go through this article to find out the names and the features of the best VR enabled games available in the market at the dawn 2020.

Vader Immortal

If you are a Start Wars fanboy, then you must try this game ASAP. As new movies on the franchises are about to come again, it is a great way to celebrate the new year and the love of yours towards the Star Wars franchises by playing the game. Vader Immortal lets you experience the fictional world of Star Wars in the Virtual Reality using your VR headset.

Vader Immortal top VR games 2020
Vader Immortal



  • Vader Immortal also features a good storyline along with the game. The story itself contains three episodes which are set some in the timeline between the “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope”. The three episodes are three individual games actually.
  • As the protagonist you will be playing as a smuggler captured by the Empire, story-wise you will be attempting to escape with your droid sidekick called ZO-E3. So, an interesting story with rush gameplay can be experienced.
  • The game is quite cinematic, so anyone would enjoy the journey within the gameplay.
  • According to the story, the Vader Immortal is an extension of the Rogue One universe story.
  • This game is available for Windows PC only and supports the Oculus Quest VR set only.
  • Each of the episodes would cost you $9.99 at Steam in December 2019.

The Last Guardian (VR Demo Version)

The Last Guardian’s VR Demo Edition is not a new game at all, as this one is hot in the market about two years ago but till date, the full version has not been released yet. Though because of the gameplay and graphics, it provided, this one is worthy to be download.

The Last Guardian (VR Demo Version)
The Last Guardian (VR Demo Version)



  • Though the game is not a full version game yet the demo is worth downloading because of the graphics and the gameplay, moreover it was free to play edition, so Last Guardian VR demo can be a very good game to test your VR headset to the finest.
  • As the protagonist, you would be introduced accompanied by a cat-bird-dog hybrid creature named Trico, a large fantasy-based friend with whom you will explore the fictitious world of the game.
  • Though this game is work on fantasy, the gameplay experience would feel extremely natural. So, no whooping-popping plot points which will go over the mind.
  • This game was a 30-45 mins game but it was a perfect piece of the game with which you can test the performance of your newly bought PlayStation VR, though without any cost. This game is only compatible with PlayStation VR.

Robo Recall

Robo Recall is an FPS game, where you will be playing as a sci-fi robotic superhero. With very good graphics and intensive gameplay, Robo Recall is of the finest and costliest game for the VR platform.

Robo Recall sci-fi game for VR headset
Robo Recall sci-fi game for VR headset


  • The storyline is simple and enjoyable.
  • The graphics are very good and very well optimized for the VR experience only.
  • The gameplay is quite intense and many players may even feel exhausted because of it.
  • You will not find a graphics violence on the game, as the game is on VR, some people may feel uncomfortable violence on the screen.
  • In the gameplay, you mainly need to fight against the rogue robots and you have to find out what made them defective.
  • The story play also consists of humour mixed with the action.
  • The game can be found on Steam, and comparable with Windows along with Oculus quest. The game is gonna cost you around $30 on Steam.

Arizona Sunshine

Now comes another intense VR game for you with mediocre graphics and a lame storyline. But this game would require an open space around you as you are going to do lots of physical movements while playing this game.

Arizona Sunshine VR games
Arizona Sunshine VR game



  • A great First-person-shooting game.
  • Arizona Sunshine contains a zombie-related story, where you have to kill the zombies and survive.
  • According to the storyline, in search of your safe-haven, you would encounter many missions in order to end the game.
  • Hordes of zombies would come from everywhere where you have to travel through the Desertscape, decrepit Cabins, abandoned cars, underground tunnels etc. to survive.
  • This game employs a lot of violence, so if you do not want to experience so much violence and blood on the VR platform experience then you should avoid this game and vice versa.
  • Arizona Sunshine is a flexible game in terms of VR support, so you can play this game with various VR kits on the windows platform. You can play this game using PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, Valve Index, HTC Vive etc.
  • The game is going to cost you around $50 on PlayStation VR, which makes it the costliest game on VR.
  • But, you play the same game on Oculus using Windows PC, for $18 and on HTC Vive and Valve Index for only $14.

The Climb

This game was quietly inspired by the game called Free Solo. This game was built by Crytek, built on CryEngine, features a wonderful graphics. The Climb is not a new game, as the game was launched in 2016. But, the game is different in Genre, and many people love to explore different genre of games, so this one is for them.


  • First Person VR game, not shooting off course.
  • If you enjoyed the game called “Getting Over With” then, you are going to love this game as well.
  • The graphics and aesthetics are designed for VR platforms.
  • You will face various kind of obstacles, puzzles and challenge sequences while playing the game, this game can prove to be quite challenging to finish as well. You would be struggling lot to finish the game.
  • Available for Windows PC on Steam and for the Oculus Quest VR platform only. It costs around $30 online.

Tetris Effect

If you love playing puzzle games, as the number of puzzle game lovers are increasing day by day, then this one is for you. Playing puzzle games on VR platform is something worth experiencing, as the VR mode provides many new aesthetics on the Puzzle games, which were not there before.

Tetris Effect puzzle game
Tetris Effect puzzle game


  • Iconic graphics, and intuitive colours and attractive presentation of the game.
  • The soundtracks used in this game are really mesmerizing.
  • A satisfying gameplay experience when you come across and complete any puzzle.
  • Challenging, intriguing and mind-boggling challenges in the puzzles you would find.
  • This game is a real brain teaser and also make feel refreshed after a short gaming period for sure, so very good pass-time for good productivity.
  • The is available on PlayStation VR only and will cost you around $20.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber belongs to a completely different genre of games, where it is called Rhythm-based gaming. In this game, you will be testing your skills with your hand-eye coordination along with the music and beats.

Beat Saber Vr game
Beat Saber Vr game


  • Great for those who love playing Rhythm games.
  • A great choice for those players who love to explore different genre of the games.
  • Stunning graphics and colourful presentation, which will refresh your mind within a couple of minutes.
  • There are also 90 degree and 360-degree modes available for advanced level players.
  • The music involved is also quite enjoyable and refreshing. A good game cum tool to increase the productivity and work-concentration of yours.
  • Available on Steam for Oculus Quest VR, available for Valve Index and HTC Vive and also in PlayStation VR. The game costs $30 on all the platforms.


Wrapping Up

VR gaming is going shape the future of the gaming world, but till date at the dawn of 2020, VR gaming is at it’s a very early stage. So, of course, you will not find any PUBG, Fortnite type or Call of Duty, Battlefield type of game there. In short, until today, VR is unable to provide the players with the same gaming experience as the normal PC and Console based Video games. But at the verge of the technology, things are changing and in coming years there are many other titles to be released which would provide more intense and natural gaming experience. Playing the presently available games on VR would let you be the witness of classical VR games, and you will enjoy remembering the moments even 10 or 20 years after.

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