Top 10 puzzle games Android to download and play offline

When we have a number of popular multiplayer and action games, you might want to spend some time playing some puzzle games on your smartphone to make your brain sharper and change your gaming habits for some time. Just like all other categories of games that are available on the Google Play Store, you can also find a ton of puzzle games on the Google Play Store and you might get confused when it comes to which one you should download or ignore. So, today I am talking about a few of the most popular puzzle games that you can start downloading on your smartphone and play them. 

The Bright Side of playing puzzle games is that you can play the game at any time, and in most cases without an internet connection and those games can be your best mate, while you are commuting to your workplace and back. You can find both free and paid puzzle games on the Google Play Store, and the ideas behind the games are really outstanding and that is one big reason you should try out all the games that I will be mentioning here. There will be a few games, which you might have already tried out, but it is worth keeping their names on this list.

Best offline puzzle games in 2020 to download and play on Android devices.

  1. Tetris
  2. BlockuDoku
  3. Eureka
  4. How to PLAY a puzzle game?
  5. Aquavias
  6. Shapes
  7. Dumb Ways To Draw
  8. Math | Riddles, and Puzzles
  9. Sudoku
  10. Interlocked


The game of Tetris does not need an introduction, as almost everybody has played this game in the childhood days on the Retro Bricks. The game is all about landing the blocks correctly so that all the blocks on a horizontal arrangement are filled and that’s when your score will increase. While there are several Tetris games available on the Google Play Store I like this particular version of Tetris for the ease of usage and the several themes that are available. You might ask, why one should play the game of Tetris on a high-end smartphone when there are several other games available. 

Tetris min

The answer is, this can be a great game if you want to kill some time and rewind your mood by not playing some other game, especially multiplayer games which require a proper strategy and a handful of time before you start. You can continue a game from the point you left, simply by pausing and exiting the game. The game is completely free to play, however, just like most other games, it comes with ads, and you can get rid of the ads and unlock some premium themes by paying a small amount.

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Yes, the name of the game has similarity with Sudoku, however, the only similarity lies in the fact that both Sudoku and BlockuDoku has 9 x 9 squares. But, the objective of BlockuDoku is completely different from that of Sudoku and what you have to do is, fill up all the squares horizontally or vertically, or all the squares within a 3 x 3 mini squares, to cancel them out and increase your score. The game is quite similar to the game of Tetris as all the squares will get canceled after they are filled up horizontally or vertically or within a mini-square. It is all about your strategy when it comes to how we will feel the square, and that’s when you need to use your brain. The better the strategy, the higher will be your score, and eventually, the game will occupy you for hours when you have nothing to do. A game will be over when you will no longer have a blocks of squares to fit within the 9 x 9 square if some of the existing blocks are already filled up.

BlockuDoku Block Puzzle Game min

Just like most other puzzle games here, you can play BlockuDoku offline and it is completely free to play. That game might not seem interesting, but once you start playing, I swear, you will never give up.

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Eureka is not a puzzle game in the first place, but it is all about how fast is your brain and how quick are you in taking decisions. The game does not have one single objective and with every new level, there will be new objectives to complete. What you have to do is, we will have to understand the objectives and complete them as fast as possible and that’s the only way you can move up on the leaderboards. If you do some mistakes, you will also get the chance to complete the level again and again, until and unless you fulfill the objective.  There are over 50 mini-games to play, and it will definitely occupy you for hours and at the same time, it can also sharpen your brain and will help you make decisions fast. Eureka is less a puzzle more a brain challenging game, and that is the reason you should give this game a try. At the beginning come the levels will seem to be very easy just like most other games but don’t be overconfident at all. The difficulty level will increase each time you complete a set of objectives and that will eventually make you addicted to this game.

Eureka – Are you up to the brain challenge min

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How to PLAY a Puzzle game?

Are you always willing to solve riddles! If that is the case, how to play is for you. The game is all about solving riddles and no objectives will be given to you just like Eureka. You will have to use your own thinking to understand how to go through every single level and it is all about thinking out of the box. Well, you might get frustrated at first, however, as you keep playing, you can understand how interesting How to PLAY? is and you will always keep on trying to complete every single level to discover what’s coming in the next ones. 

How to PLAY a puzzle game. min

How to PLAY? do not come with a fancy user interface, and at the time of writing this story the game has more than 70 levels, and new levels are added to the game with every single update. If you are stuck at a level, the developers recommend you use the hints, which will run out, and after that you will have to see ads, to see the hints. But I recommend you to not use the hints and use your own intelligence to solve the levels, as that will add more balls of fun to the game.

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If you are looking for a simpler puzzle game with a proper objective, Aquavias is for you. The objective of Aquavias is quite simple. You have to make the water reach from the tank to a city through the drain pipes. You will have to arrange the drain pipes by twisting them in a way so that the water reaches from the source to the destination easily and no part of the water is wasted. The difficulty will increase with every single level and presently the game has over a hundred levels to challenge you. Don’t worry, if you can easily complete the first two or three levels. The ultimate fun starts after you complete those levels, and you’ll have to ponder quite a bit before you can complete the subsequent levels. You will have to arrange multiple drains in tandem to make the water reach from the source to the destination and even kids can play the game to sharpen their brain. If you are looking for a simple yet minimalistic puzzle game, Aquavias is worth trying out.

Aquavias – Water Flow Puzzle min

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The objective of the game is simple, however, just like most other games I have mentioned here, it is not easy to play. What you have to do is, create shapes by moving the particles in different directions unless the neon lights glow and that’s when a particular level is complete. You just have to tap on the particles to rotate them, and that way you can connect all the pieces to build the shape. Yes, the game will be easy at the beginning and the levels will become increasingly difficult and you can also resume playing the game from any device after you complete the levels. 

Shapes come with soothing background music which adds more fun and adds Nirvana to the overall gameplay. This is one of the easy to understand and hard to master games that you should definitely try out. I have played quite a few levels, and after completing most of the introductory levels on Shapes, you will feel a little frustrated for not being able to complete the levels, and that’s when you need to think harder to complete the levels marking the point where the true fun begins.

Shapes min

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Dumb Ways To Draw

You don’t have to be the next Picasso to play the game and complete the levels. It is quite evident from the name, you have to draw dumb things and that will be enough to complete the levels. What you simply have to do is, guide the character to its destination by drawing several shapes and those shapes will solidify to form structures, that will help the character reach the destination. Additionally, there are several other elements like wind force that will hinder your path to the destination, and that’s when you have to draw the structures carefully so that you don’t die. 

The struggle is to draw as little as possible to achieve more stars and this game is a completely new adventure that will engage you for hours to come. The game is completely based on physics and different levels will have different objectives that you have to complete. You might sometimes need to erase or remove the structures to complete the levels. Just like most other games, you can also collect new pencils and additional resources to make the gameplay even more fun. If you are looking for an easy to master, yet a challenging game, Dumb Ways to Draw is the one for you.

Dumb Ways To Draw min

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Math | Riddles, and Puzzles

Were you fond of mathematics being a kid? Think again! Math is a game that will push your IQ to its limits and the game is filled with mathematical puzzles that you have to complete. The game has logical puzzles that you have to solve mathematically and this is one good game that can help you make your brain sharper even when you are commuting or is resting at your home. The game comes with hundreds of different types of puzzles and there is no one size that fits all solutions to complete the levels. 

Math Riddles and Puzzles Math Games min

You have to find the similarity in the options provided, and solve the levels. Eventually, all these things make the game much more fun, and if mathematics is your favorite subject you will start loving this Math | Riddles, and Puzzles. When there are several types of games, playing this game is going to help you improve your IQ and spend your free time meaningfully. You can play the game offline, and this game can be played by both kids as well as adults.

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There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about the game of Sudoku, and I can’t keep the game away from the list. Sudoku is a number game, where you will have to fill in a 9 x 9 square with numbers from 1 to 9 making sure each number doesn’t repeat in a row, column, or a 3 x 3 mini-square. Most consider the game to be simple, but only those people who play the game know, how frustrating it becomes when the same number is repeated at the brink of completing a particular game. 

While there are several variations of Sudoku on the Google Play Store offering the same rules and gameplay for sure, this following variant offers several difficulty levels and there is a 16 x 16 maze where you will have to deal with letters from A to G, besides the numbers, and obviously the 16 x 16 maze is only for experts. The game offers a simple user interface, and you can enter more than one number in a single block if you are confused in the middle of the game. A single game of Sudoku will occupy you for hours and you should give this game a try.

Free Sudoku Puzzles min

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Do you always want to explore how things work? If so, the Interlocked game is exactly for you. Well, you cannot explain how things work but Interlocked is a wooden block puzzle game, where you will have to unlock the blocks and make them individual pieces. This game might look simple but trust me, it is one of the top 3D puzzle games that you can play. You can move the 3D wooden structures in different directions to find out the interlocking point and then use the on-screen controls to detach it from the existing structure. 

Interlocked is a 3D brain puzzle that comes with 5 chapters to master and this can be the best time pass if you are looking for a 3D puzzle game. Interlocked also comes with an achievement function through which you can unlock several achievements by completing different levels, which should give you more satisfaction while playing the game. Some levels after the basic ones are really difficult and that’s where the true fun of accepting the challenges begins.

Interlocked best Android offline puzzle game


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Why should you play free offline Android Puzzle games?

Puzzle games are really fun playing and all the games that I’ve mentioned here are quite minimalistic and you can play all the games even when you have no internet connection. Besides making your IQ stronger you can play all these games when you are feeling bored doing nothing. If you are on short breaks at work these games can really help you get rid of the boredom. As most games are small and lightweight, you can keep the games running in the background and resume playing at any time, if your phone has a decent RAM. All the games come with some sort of in-app purchases that will unlock more benefits within the game or will offer you an ad-free experience. Otherwise, all the games are completely free to play.

So that was my list of top 10 puzzle games that you can download and play on your Android device for free. Which puzzle game was your favorite? Let me know about it in the comments section down below.