Why Gaming Headphones are better than Normal Headphones?

The need of headphones in today’s life is very common. One can be a mobile user or a laptop user or can be a normal desktop user, but the headphone is a common need for all these users. Though the need for good headphones is not the same for everyone. In most of the cases, the enthusiast music listeners love to have a pair of headphones with that provides good high and lows to enjoy their favorite music to it’s fullest, but what about gamers they not only need a good quality headphone instead of that they should opt a dedicated gaming headphones for immersive sound experience.

The gamers also do wear headphones while playing video games. One can wear the headphones while watching a movie or any other video on the pc or in the mobile. But while doing so one should always keep the comfortability issue in mind. The earphones which are normally available in the local market are good enough for listening to music for half an hour or a little more. But after putting those earphones in the ear for longer than an hour may cause pain in the ear. In long-term use, this habit may even harm the ear too much extent. For this reason, some may consider using headphone is a bad habit. But one should keep in mind that there are many people who use earphone or headphone because they are ought to use it to do their job. The people who work in a call center or sales department of any corporate company they usually wear the headphones for 8-10 hours daily. The customer care executive or even in the police control room they need to wear the headphones continuously for 8-10 hours daily. Which in most cases become the reason for the hearing problem after some years, and pain in the ear muscle daily after a couple of hours.



Gaming Headphones vs normal headphones

Why are the normal headphones harmful?

In general, the normal headphones contain very small earpads in which our ears do not fit in. The thing is the size of the ears are not the same for everyone. SO, even if someone finds any perfect headphone for him, it may be imperfect for someone else. There are also many headphones available in the market which has a very tight headband which presses the ear much more to stay on the head properly. In return actually, it creates pain in the small muscles of the ear. If that person is going to wear the headphones for a long session then it can harmful for sure. There are also many doctors who reported that people are coming to them to consult about the pain relief in their ears due to the headphones.

While talking about earphones the situation is even worse. The earphones tend to fit inside the ear, which may look and feel cool for a little time, but if someone is wearing earphones for a long session then it very harmful for the ear muscle as well as for the hearing ability. The sound wave created by the earphones’ magnets push the ear muscle even more which may cause serious pain. While listening to music for a short time, it is absolutely ok, but for a long time, this habit must be broken.

If any video game lover is playing the game for a long session then also he may need to wear headphone to enjoy the sound quality of the game at its best. In competitive gaming headphones play a big role, so one cannot avoid wearing headphones. But if using cheap normal in the ear earphones or the on the ear headphones it may cause the problem to him also.  As we know gaming sessions tend to be very long, in some cases e-sports player play continuously for 6-8 hours a day, for which comfortability becomes a very big deal. Not only the cheap headphones, actually any costly headphone form any good brand also can be harmful if the build quality is not good enough. In simple words over the ear headphones or in the ear earphones should be avoided for own safety and comfortability.


What is the plus of Gaming Headphones

Normally the headphones which come on the market with the tag of “Gaming Headphone” tend to be different from any other headphones in the market. The gaming headphones may seem very bigger than the other headphones. It may look heavier and uncomfortable, but the thing is the gaming headphones with the big earcups and big pear padding actually feels comfortable in the long session uses. The people who are used to with the normal on the ear headphones may feel a little weird or uncomfortable, but in long use, they may feel the difference.

The professional gaming headphones are normally very big, which fit any head size easily. The ear pads cover the whole ear of any user completely inside it, which by default works as very good noise cancellation technique. The pads are usually very high in quality, the sound level is also adjusted for comfortable hearing.

The other plus point of gaming headphones is that the virtual surround sound system for them is much better than any other headphones. As in competitive gaming, good virtual surround sound is a big necessity, to be aware of the position of the opponent just by hearing. So, one can assume the sound quality is ought to be very good in pro gaming headsets. These headsets are very good also for regular usage. Not only playing games but also for listening music, watching a movie, surfing YouTube anything can be done with these headphones. Most of the cases the gaming headsets do possess a single 3.5mm jack, using which it can be connected to any mobile phone directly and can use the headset as a speaker and a mic at the same time.


The other pros of the Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets are normally made of very good quality plastic, which does not cause any rashes or sweating problem to the skin.

The gaming headsets are sturdy in quality and built to last and serve for a very long time. So, yeah it is Value for money purchase.

Apart from the good quality virtual surround sound, the comfortability issue makes it the must buy the product.

The quality of the mic is also very good, as the gamers do need to voice chat while playing games, so no compromise in quality can be found in the case of the mic. In some gaming headphones, the mic is so good that many YouTubers and Twitch streamers do use the gaming headset’s mic to talk to the viewers or in doing commentary. In premium quality headphones something called Boom mic can be found, which is simply awesome in quality. In most of the cases, the mic stick is also a retractable stick, which can be adjusted according to the need of the user.

The styles and designs available are really awesome, and just by the look of the headphone one can bear the unique style along with him.

In most of the gaming headphone, RGB light designs are available, which gives the headphones a top-notch look and make it more attractive to anyone. Do not need to worry, as the led lights are also made of a very good quality material, and they also do last very long time.


The cons of Gaming headphones

Though there are not much, however, those people who love listening to music for long sessions, should keep in mind, that the gaming headphones are best in quality in all aspects, but while the thing comes to the bass quality it lacks a little bit. AS the gaming headphones are made mainly for the use of gamers it has been made by their needs. Gamers do not love much bass on headphones, instead, they like to listen to the clear sound of everything that is going on the screen. For which the bass quality is compensated. But then also the sound quality is pretty awesome in most of the gaming headsets.

The point is, of course, the cost factor. The price of the gaming headset is much higher than any other headphones. Though, there are some premium quality headphones available for the music lovers, most of the mid ranged gaming headsets are tend to cost much higher than the premium quality normal headphones. The mid quality gaming headphones normally cost around $50 while the premium quality headphones can cost more than $100. But the quality of these products makes it worth buying. If someone is interested but do not want to spend that many bucks at this moment, can try the entry-level gaming headphones which may cost $20-$25 and will give you the experience of real gaming headphones. But as the entry products are cost much lower, so it can be considered that the product may not last long, but the sound quality and the comfortability is the almost same as any over the ear premium gaming headphone.


Things to keep in mind while Using Gaming Headphones

As we know by now that the gaming headphones are very much focused on the quality comfort, these headphones do have good quality padding on it. Especially the head padding is something which can found only in gaming headphones. The paddings do provide much comfortable fit while using for long hours. But some people may experience seating on the head due to the head padding. Those people should keep in mind that extreme seating on the scalp of the head can lead to hair fall. It may create rashes on the scalp too. Those people who experience such problem should replace the headphones with a gaming headphone without head padding on it, as soon as possible.

Yes, not all the gaming headphone cause this problem, as all of the headphones of gaming series so not have head padding one it. So, one may avoid using these types of head-padded headphone or can try to see if that work for him or not, or even can use a basic idea which has been used by many pro gamers, which is wearing a cap and then wearing the headphones on it. It will not only make you look cool but also it will protect the hair and scalp and it will ensure the best comfort quality.


Where to buy Gaming Headphones?

To buy such products the online stores are the best options. Looking at amazon.com or in the flipkart.com can bring many good deals at your doorstep. Any of the online websites can be checked for the best price and availability of different kind of products. One can even log I to the websites of the companies who make such products. The company like ThermalTech, Sades, MSI, HyperX, Razor, SteelSeries, Logitech, Corsair etc. to provide the premium quality product in these segments. If looking for entry level or mid ranged products in these segments then one can look for the products of Cosmic Byte, RedGear, KotionEach, Asus, DragonWar, Circle etc.

One should remember, if a headphone is saying gaming headphone in its product details or in the name, it does not mean it is a gaming headphone. Especially the people who are looking for entry level gaming headphone may be conned if they do not research about the headphone they desire before buying. To determine the truth, one can read the reviews of the product, can search more about it in google. One can even go to any local store to get an on-hand experience of the products. Remember to check the size of the ear padding (it is much bigger than any normal headphone), the impedance of the headphone (32 ohms normally), min-max frequency (20-20000 Hz normally), and sensitivity (110-112 dB normally). In simple words, one should make sure that the products he/she is going for is a genuine gaming headphone and not just a cool looking normal headphone.