EPF balance check on mobile number to Know amount of money (India)

In the moment of Digital India, the Provident fund also becomes part of that. Now a person can check his/her EPF balance online using a Mobile phone. This made the checking of EPF balance very easy and fast. With help of your registered mobile number you access your EPF balance of passbook anywhere you by sending one SMS or just giving a missed call.

Getting Employee Provident Fund (EPF) balance information from EPF account at their official website takes time as compared to the mobile method. Becuase you need to open the website, fill the login detail, choose the EPF passbook, and then the EPF account will open to show how much amount is available in your PF account. However, besides EPFO portal you can use the EPFO or UMANG app for all the account details on your fingertips.

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a part of savings in which some percentage is deducted from the salary of the employee every month and the almost equal amount added by the employer added to it before depositing to EPF account. An employee can withdraw the EPF to meet his/her major expenses or can avail loan on it too. It comes under the government supervisory so there is no chance of any misconduct regarding your money.

EPF balance check on mobile number to Know amount of money in India

How to Check EPF Balance on Mobile SMS

Before moving further to use the EPF mobile service make sure that you have generated the UAN number using the official website or App. Because your mobile number which you are going to use to check the EPF balance should be registered with your EPF account.

After getting UAN number and verifying your basic details follow the given steps: 

  1. Go to your mobile phone.
  2. Open the SMS messaging app.
  3. Create a New Message.
  4. Enter the mobile number 7738299899 where you need to send the SMS.
  5. Now in the message text section type – EPFOHO UAN ENG 
  6. And tap on the send button.
  7. After waiting a few minutes you will get the total amount of balance available in your EPF account.

Note EPFOHO UAN ENG  will revert your EPF balance account details in English if you want it in other supported Indian languages then send the type the following text according to your language and send it to 7738299899.

  • EPFOHO UAN HIN to get EPF details in Hindi
  • EPFOHO UAN PUN for Punjabi
  • EPFOHO UAN GUJ for Gujarati
  • EPFOHO UAN MAR to get PF balance detail in Marathi
  • EPFOHO UAN KAN in Kannada
  • EPFOHO UAN TEL for Telugu users
  • EPFOHO UAN TAM to get EPF account detail on mobile in Tamil
  • EPFOHO UAN MAL for Malayalam
  • EPFOHO UAN BEN for Bengali

The EPF SMS which you will get includes your UAN number, Name, DOB, Adhaar, PAN number, Last contribution from the Employer and TOTAL BALANCE of your EPF account.

For further assistant, you use the PF Enquiry Toll-free number 18001-18005

Screenshot of EPF SMS

Check EPF Balance on Mobile SMS

How to Check EPF Balance on Mobile Number via Miss call

In case the SMS service is not working you can also check the EPF balance by just giving a missed call from your registered number. Make sure you have already verified you KYC to get UAN number before performing either the SMS or missed call feature.

  1. Go to your mobile phone.
  2. Open the Dial Pad.
  3. Dial a number 011-22901406 which is basically a local number of Delhi situated PF office.
  4. Give a call to the above number.
  5. After two or three rings the call automatically disconnected.
  6. No cost will be charged from you to dial the above number.
  7. Once you successfully gave missed call to above number from your registered mobile number; after few minutes you will get an SMS with your PF balance details.

Note: Pre-requisite for availing missed call facility

1. Mobile Number must activated with UAN at Unified Portal

2. Anyone of following KYC must be available against UAN

a) Bank A/c number

b) Aadhaar

c) PAN

The users can also use the latest Indian government app called UMAG to use and get benefits of all government service at one place like EPF, Pharma Sahi Daam, Passport Seva, CBSE-education, and Bharat BillPay. For more information you can also visit the official EPF website of India, here is the link.

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