6 Ways to get likable Netflix Show recommendations you would love to watch

Fans of web series and movies are familiar with the name Netflix as it is one of the most popular streaming sites and rich with content in various niches. If you are a movie lover or want to watch good web series then it is a very suitable destination for you to watch those things. The vast library of Netflix offers you a variety of shows or movies to watch in your leisure time. You can also get shows or movies produced by Netflix in it.

It provides quality content to viewers and you can watch any content at any time you want. The best part of this platform is you can share a single subscribed account with four people, including you. So, you and your friends or family can distribute the relatively high rate for the subscription of Netflix compared to other sites like it.

But, after watching your favorite shows you might find it difficult to get shows from the genres you like. And sometimes it might be very lengthy and frustrating to search for something new that you would love to watch.

Well, do not think too much about it as there are some of the ways available which you can use to get a favorable recommendation from Netflix. The algorithm of this platform works by analyzing your activity and the shows you watch in a particular genre. And recommends content based on those analyzed results.

How to get Netflix Shows recommendations as per your Choice

How to get Netflix Show recommendations as per your chioce

1. Pick up at the start

The first thing you should do is picking up some of the movies and shows you would like as soon as you sign up in your Netflix account for the first time. It will help you let the algorithm know a little bit of your liking about certain shows and genres. So, give a little time at the start of your Netflix-watching journey to make it happen.

Start adding your favorite shows or movies to ‘My List’ of your Netflix profile to help Netflix know about your interested genres or similar shows. This way, the platform can suggest preferable shows according to your likings. This process would save your time in the future when you would seek some shows to watch.


2. Watch when you can

It is very simple to understand that the more you watch movies or shows on Netflix, the more you can learn about your taste and liking, towards shows or movies. Just like in YouTube or Facebook, when you watch or interact with a certain type of content, the algorithm recommends similar content as a suggestion. Here on Netflix, it is exactly like this. The machine learning technology helps the algorithm of Netflix to gather your viewing data to know your watch habits. It gathers all the necessary data of your watch time, length of viewing time, the device you use for watching, etc. So, it can improve to provide you good recommendations precisely.

It is a very good way to assist the platform with your habits and taste. After all, this is why you subscribed to it, to watch your favorite shows as much as you can in your free time. So, watch as many shows as you can to get more similar shows that will give you good entertainment.


3. Give a rating after watching

Whenever you watch something on Netflix, give it a rating. The rating system here is, if you like any show you give a thumbs up and if you do not like any show you can give it a thumbs down. With this process, the algorithm would know about the contents you like and do not like. Hence, it will recommend you the shows similar to your liked shows and avoid any similar disliked shows.

It will certainly enhance your chances of getting suggested shows according to your likes and watch history. The algorithm analyzes all the data to show you the most suitable option for you to enjoy your viewing time.

And even if you did not rate many shows you watched previously on the platform then you can rate them as well if have nominal time to do it. That will provide more specific data to the system to level up the percentage inaccuracy of recommendations. You will help yourself by simply clicking the like or dislike button to get good suggestions in the future from Netflix.


4. Use specific profile

Always try to use your own profile and do not share that particular profile with others to watch shows or movies. Your choice of contents and the other person’s choice of contents certainly will not match all the time. So the algorithm would show recommendations that you might not like but the other person does. And it will also decrease the chances of getting your likable shows as a suggestion. For example, if you and your better half use the same profile then it might get you the suggestions of shows according to the liking of you and your partner.

So, use your own profile and let your partner use another profile to keep it more accurate to recommend in a better way. Also, you can use another profile to give it to your other family member or guests and let them watch their likable content without disturbing your profile to avoid mixing of suggestions. Be specific on this matter for the algorithm to work more accurately.


5. Explore more contents

When you practice the above tricks to be more specific about getting accurate suggestions to watch any show, do not miss out on other content that is good in nature. If you watch movies or series on some specific genres you would get recommendations on those genres usually and this can make your profile some sort of a typecast one by Netflix.

So, it is recommendable to watch for other genres to avoid the same type of content which might become monotonous. A little bit of mixing up is absolutely all right as it will provide you variety and you will not miss out on other quality content. It will also break the same monotonous genres which you get as suggestions and you can explore more movies or series on various topics which are very good too.

It is always good to mix things up a little bit to get some options and you would not reach the point where you can feel there is nothing to watch on the platform. Explore Netflix and look for shows which are highly rated and good in nature from other genres.


6. Watch it before it leaves

This is a part which you should keep an eye on if you do not want to miss any interesting and quality content which might leave Netflix very soon. So, look for the movies or series which will be leaving Netflix soon to see whether the content is the type of your liking or highly rated to watch. There is a dedicated ‘leaving soon’ section on the what’s on Netflix site. Avoid missing any good show or movie by looking at it and enjoy any content that will leave the platform sooner.


Ending it

Netflix is a very big platform in terms of quantity and quality. Sometimes it can cause you to find suitable content to watch at the time or can confuse you with the variety of options it provides. So, use the methods to get recommendations according to your liking and always seek other quality contents that you can enjoy watching. It will also freshen up your mood by entertaining you with a variety of content.