How to Deactivate or Remove OneDrive in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with the OneDrive client application to sync files and folders with its respective cloud service. However, if you are not using OneDrive you can disable its autostart on Windows 10. Or even can uninstall it completely. In this tutorial, we will show the steps on how to do that…

Steps to Disable autostart of OneDrive in Windows 10

The autostart of Startup application in Windows including cloud storage OneDrive consume hardware resources, thus if you are not using it often then deactivating it is a wise idea.

  1. Open Windows 10 File Explorer
  2. On the right side tree structure, you will find OneDrive pinned icon.
  3. Right-click the OneDrive icon and select the Settings option.
  4. Switch to the “Settings” tab and uncheck the box given for “Start OneDrive automatically when I log into Windows“.
  5. Click on the “OK” button to save your settings.
  6. Now onwards when you restart your computer, the OneDrive will not start automatically.

Open OneDrive Settings Disable One Drive start automatically with Windows 10 startup

Alternate method- open the path “C: \Users\your-user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive” and inside the folder rename the file “OneDrive.exe” to “Drive.exe”.


Completely uninstall OneDrive on Windows 10 instead of deactivating it

Well, those who don’t require OneDrive on their system anymore can uninstall it completely instead of deactivating its running with Windows 10 startup.

  1. Go to Windows 10 Search
  2. Type- control panel  and open it when its icon appear
  3. Alternatively, press Win key +R and type the “control panel”, and hit the Enter key.
  4. Click on Programs- Uninstall program option.
  5. Select Microsoft OneDrive and hit the Uninstall option.
  6. Windows 10 will ask for confirmation, click Yes to allow the system to remove OneDrive completely.


Uninstall Programs from Windows 10 Completely remove OneDrive from Windows 10


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