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How to remove Google account from Samsung phone

Time needed: 1 minute.

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Here is the tutorial with to the point steps that one can use to remove or delete Google account from all Samsung smartphones and tablets such as Samsung S4, J7, note 3, S6, S8a5, S10, S10 note etc.

  1. Go to your Samsung smartphone

    Obviously, to delete Google account, first, we need to unlock our smartphone and go to the menu. Because of the common interface every Samsung has the same kind of Apps menu.

    Samsung smartphone open menu to delete Google Account

  2. Open Samsung Smartphone Settings menu

    In the menu of the Samsung Android operating system, you will find an option called Settings, tap to open that.

    Open Samsung Smartphone Settings

  3. Access Account Setting to available Google Accounts

    Under the Settings of the Samsung phone, you will see an option called Accounts. Scroll to that and tap to open.

    remove Google Account on Samsung

  4. Samsung Google Account and users

    When you tap on the Accounts option it will reveal some other option related to different Accounts, Users, Back & restore and Smart Switch of the smartphone. However, you have to tap on Accounts.

    delete Google account form Android phone

  5. Select your Google Account ID

    Under the Accounts, all the different apps account will be shown by the Samsung smartphone. All you have to do, just select the Google account showing with Gmail email address you want to remove.
    If you have multiple Gmail account all will appear here. Now, select the one which you want to delete from your Samsung smartphone.

    Select Google Account to remove

  6. Tap to remove Google account Samsung

    After the above step, you will see the Gmail email address associated with your Google Account. And also the Remove Account button under that.

    Tap on that to delete the account.

    Tap on Remove button to felete Google account

  7. Give Google Account deletion confirmation.

    Removing the Google account from the Samsung smartphone will delete all of its message, contacts and other data from the phone. However, don’t worry they will not be deleted from your Google Account itself and be remained safe on the cloud. Whenever you again link your Android device with the same account, all the data and contacts will sync up again.

    So, just tap on Remove Account to give your confirmation.

    Give your confirmastion for account removal from Samaung Android

In this way, we can delete our Google account from our Android smartphone of Samsung without deleting its data from the Cloud itself.

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