Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 shaver review. Is it the best budget shaver?

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Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 review- summary

Talking about whether I would recommend the product or not, the single answer is, yes. However, if you like to maintain small beards on your face, this product is not at all for you. This is not a trimmer, but it is a shaver.

I will start Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 review with the box contents, and then I will talk about the features, how to use and clean it, the pros and cons, and finally talk about, why you should go for the following shaver.

Men’s grooming products available in plenty and thus, you have several selections in your hand, if you are looking for ways to look more polished and handsome. Most grooming kits and products made for men revolve around trimming and shaving beards, and you can find them in several budgets.

If you are fed up using the regular razor to shave your beard, you can always go for an electric shaver which can offer better performance in most cases, when compared to that of normal razors. If you use your razor to shave your beard, you will also require some shaving foam or cream for The razors to be friendly to your skin while shaving.

Talking about electric shavers, you can even shave your beard without using any shaving foam or cream and hardly face any issues at all. So electric shavers have got a lot of advantages over regular razors, and that’s why I got an electric shaver and using it for almost 1 month now.

I purchased the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 shaver, and it’s quite satisfied using it. It is a budget shaver, which you can go for, and it can be useful for you, no matter whether you are a regular shaver, or shave your beard once, twice, or thrice in a week. Just like every other time, I am here with a small review of The Philips AquaTouch S1030/04, so that you have an idea about whether it is a good product for you or not.

Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 shaver for Men Review

Box contents:

Let’s have a look at the box contents of the Philips AquaTouch beard shaver.

  • The Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver unit with the blades attached
  • The charging adapter for the shaver
  • A Plastic transparent cap for the shaver’s blades
  • User guide and warranty manual

So those were the items that you can find inside the box. You will hardly need anything else to use it.

Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Features:

Now let’s have a look at the features of the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver.

  • As it is evident from the name, the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver is a shaver, which is supposed to give clean shave on using it.
  • The Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver comes with Self-sharpening 3-direction blades with Flex Heads along with CloseCut system.
  • The shaver is powered by NiMH batteries, which can be fully charged in 600 minutes or 10 hours and can run for 45 minutes on a full charge.
  • The maximum power consumption is 2 Watt, and the standby power consumption is 0.1 Watt.
  • The Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver can be used both for a dry and wet shave, which makes it cool for all types of users.
  • The Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver is fully water-resistant, and the product can be washed with water. Besides that, the shaver comes with a charging indicator.
  • The shaver is meant for cordless use for safety, and the product cannot be turned on while the device is on charging, or is connected to a power adapter.
  • The Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver comes with an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to hold in hands while using.
  • The Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver comes with 2 years guarantee and the shaving head, or the blades needs to be changed every 2 years, as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

So those were the features of the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver.

Using and cleaning the shaver

Using the shaver is pretty simple. For wet shave, simply apply shaving foam or cream on your beards the familiar way, and use the shaver on the foam or cream, in case of a wet shave, or directly on the beards in case of a dry shave.

The shaver will start doing its job. For the best performance, apply gentle pressure on the skin, and roll it radially on the skin. Gradually,  do the same on all parts of your face to shave the beard.

Cleaning is simple, as well. Simply, pull the blades off the shaver, and wash the individual blades using running water. For the shaver itself, just remove the blades from the front, and hold it in front of running tap water, without any worries of water damage.

After washing is over, you can see water dripping from below the unit, which is quite normal. Do not wash all the blades at once, as it can deform the blades, and they might not offer the best performance after that.


Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Pros:

Now let’s have a look at the pros of the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver. But before that, let me talk about my shaving habits for a better overview. I shave every 2 or 3 days and use shaving foam for a wet shave.

I used it for both dry and wet shave, and here are the pros of the product, as per my shaving habits.

  • Talking about shaving performance, it is quite good and got clean shaves by using it every single time. It took around 5 minutes to shave, by using it every 2 days, and it took around 10 to 12 minutes on shaving after 5 days. I went for a wet shave both times.
  • Talking about irritation and pain while shaving, I didn’t feel pain while shaving every 2 days. However, I felt a very slight pain of plucking hairs, while I used it for a wet shave after 5 days. But trust me, most people will hardly feel the pain. 
  • Talking about irritation, it mostly depends on the skin, and my skin was slightly itching after dry shave, and after shaving at an interval of 5 long days.

    However, it wasn’t long-lasting, and the pain vanished by using an after-shave lotion. This irritation is not significant at all, and I would say, it is much less compared to that of regular shaving razors.
  • The charging time is 10 hours, and it will serve for 45 minutes. This charging time to service time ratio might not seem satisfying, in this modern world of fast-charging, when phones can get fully charged in an hour or less, the shaver here is a device that requires a good amount of torque to function properly and help you shave.

    The manufacturer promises 15 shaves on a single charge, however, it is a subject to vary depending on how frequently you shave, and the type of beards that grow on your face. But as per my observations, a full charge can easily deliver 10 to 12 shaves on average.
  • Talking about maintenance and cleaning, it is recommended to clean the blades and the driver area after every use. The cleaning will take some time, however, if you shave regularly, you can clean the unit and the blades after 2 shaves. Cleaning is really simple, as I already said in the beginning. 
  • The ergonomic design with a thin body makes it easy to hold in hands and rotate it on the skin at the time of shaving. Besides that, the power button delivers tactile feedback, so that you do not accidentally turn the device on or off.

So, those were the pros of the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver. Yes, performance pretty good for everyday usage and it justify its price.

Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Cons:

Now, let’s have a look at the cause of the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver.

  • First Things first. After using the blades for quite some time you will smell metal from the blades. Just like me, I am sure, not everybody like that dumb smell of metal.

    The problem is more intense if you shave dry. However, if you use some form of shaving foam or cream, that can mitigate the smell to some extent.
  • Even though the shaver is perfect, at least for me, and most other people, the area close to the ears, just below hairs, i.e. the wisps and fringe region is tough for shaving clean. I don’t know whether there is some special technique to shave that area, but I at least don’t know how to shave that area clean.
  • The Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver does not come with a stand or charging dock to easily mount on the table for the purpose of charging. However, looking at the price that might not be for everybody.
  • Even though there is a charging indicator, and hopefully it comes with overcharge protection, there is no indicator to indicate that charging is complete. So, if the device is completely discharged, you will have to count the hours before you can remove it from charge, as you can’t find any indicator.

    Even if you charge your device after every shave, you will have to turn off the charger manually, without actually get the information about whether the device is fully charged or not.

So, those were the cons of the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver. I would actually say, none of the cons can be a dual breaker if you are making your decision to purchase this product.

Bottom line:

Now, to the final part of the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 review. Talking about whether I would recommend the product or not, the single answer is, yes. However, if you like to maintain small beards on your face, this product is not at all for you. This is not a trimmer, but it is a shaver.

Don’t get confused between the two! If you are purchasing the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver with the intention to maintain small beards on your face, you should better go for a trimmer. As the product is available at only Rs. 1,500, you can’t even expect everything out of it.

Whatever you are getting out of Rs. 1,500 in the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver undoubtedly justify its price. Philips is a reputed brand and you can even find a lot of shavers that are available at cheap prices, but I chose Philips as the company doesn’t require and introduction.

We all know about Philips and thus, you can even expect good service, and hopefully, the customer service will also be equally good as the product is.

So, that was all about the Philips AquaTouch S1030/04 Shaver. Do you have anything else to add, or have some questions in mind? Feel free to comment on the same below.

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