How to link Instagram to Facebook Business Page or Fan Page

Previously, we have written a tutorial article on how you can connect or link your Facebook profile to Instagram account. But if you are using the Instagram for business purpose then you want to link Facebook business page not a personal profile. If you have signed up the Instagram using the Facebook then by default it links your profile but you can change that. In this tutorial, we will let you know how to link your business Instagram account to a Facebook business page to share Instagram photos on Facebook.

How to connect business Instagram account to a Facebook business page

The steps given below are same for all different platforms the Instagram is available such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and tap on the 3-dots icon given on the top right corner of the app.

how to disconnect instagram from facebook account

Step 2: From Instagram settings options selects the Linked Account option.

Instagarm profile settings option

Step 3: If you have already connected your Facebook account to Instagram then move to next step otherwise tap on the Facebook icon to link it. When you tap on the icon it will automatically extract the Facebook credentials and account information from the Facebook app installed on your phone.


How to unlink Facbook account from Instagram


Step 4: After connecting the Facebook account, we move to our next step to link Facebook business page. But be sure that you are the admin of that page you want to connect and also the Facebook account you have linked in the above step has the Facebook business or Fan page access.

Now tap on the blue Facebook icon again.

how link social media accounts like facebook twitter, tumbler and more



Step 5:  When you tap the icon again, the Instagram app asks for the advanced permissions to access the Facebook pages. Tap on OK button.

how to link facook business pager with instagram

Step 6: After giving the access; under the Facebook options you will get all list of personal or business pages available on your Facebook account. Now tap on the page you want to link to Instagram and you are done!!

In future, if you want to unlink the Facebook business page of account just tap on the button UNLINK appears in the bottom of Facebook options in Instagram.

Facebook options to connect the business page

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