How to View Instagram Profile Picture in full size on Android & Desktop

View full-size Instagram photos is not very difficult, it can be achieved on Android smartphone via an app whereas on Desktop it is possible via a web browser by performing a small trick. The size of the Instagram profile picture is so small that you can’t take a screenshot and view them by enlarging.

In reality, the profile picture uploaded as Instagram is enough high-res to see them on desktop monitor easily. But as the Instagram restricts the user to view anyone else profile picture in full size on Instagram and allow only a cropped small version. So, here is the solution cum tutorial guide on how to view Instagram profile picture in full size that helps to view and download anyone’s profile picture along with other images posted on Insta wall in full-sized.


View Full Size Instagram Profile Picture on Android smartphone using an App

Follow the steps given below to view the profile picture in original and full size on Instagram.

Step 1: To view the Instagram profile picture in full size on Android, you need to download an app called Stalkie

Step 2: After downloading and installing the app, open it. Now visit the Instagram profile whose profile picture you want to see in full size and download.

Step 3: At the top of the Instagram profile, you will see the username of that particular person. Write down that and now go to the Stalkie app which we have downloaded above and type that in the app’s search column, after that tap on search button from the onscreen keyboard.

Step 4: For reference, you can see the below-given screenshot in which I have used my Instagram profile username “rajmauryaa“.

Download Instagram PIc adn Staus video

Step 5: After searching, the full-size Instagram profile picture is shown on the app, now to save it on your Android phone click on the button “Download this picture“.


View Full-Size Instagram Photos on Desktop Web browser


Step 1: Open the browser and go to the and log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Now visit the profile whose profile or Instagram pictures you want to download or see in full size. You can also just note down the username of the Insta account form your smartphone Instagram app.  Because what we need is only the Username.

Step 3: In a new tab open the website or or

Step 4: The magic will begin, enter the username in the search box given on the website Instadp and click on ViewDp button. 

As you can see in the screenshot, I have entered my Instagram username “rajpassion”

Check Out Anyone Instagram Profile Picture at Full Size

Step 5: After clicking ViewDp button, you will get full-size Insta profile picture along with all other pictures available in that account in other available sizes too. To save the Instagram profile picture right click on that and select save image as…

view full size instagram photos and all pictures

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