Saveyra app, for a new generation emoji lovers: Mr. Manish Jha, Founder & CEO, Saveyra

What you think, how much emojis, avatars, and stickers are important, during IM chats? In the 21st century, where everyone is busy in their own world, nobody has time to interact with others like the old fashion, where we could spend hours near the bonfire to express the feelings with our loved ones; that’s why, in today’s world, the emojis help a lot. If you really understand each and every emojis meaning then you can express your most of the feelings to friends or loved ones using just a tiny little icon on messengers. Albeit everyone is familiar with the emojis, stickers, and avatars almost, the thing is how long one could use the same thing over chat, again and again, we need something different or to season them. To tackle such kind of situation IM developers including third-party app solutions providers keep working on to bring something new and refreshing to the users. And one of them is Savera app, which was launched by Mr. Manish Jha (CEO, Saveyra ). The Saveyra app meant to provide a range of colorful emojis, quirky stickers, and cool avatars that supports the major communication platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Hike.

Saverya App emoji stickers

To know more about, what the Saveyra app offers to the smartphone user and how it differs from others, we had an email interaction with the app’s founder & CEO, Mr. Manish Jha.

About Mr. Manish Jha

Manish Jha
Mr. Manish Jha

Manish Jha is the founder and Chairman of Silvermine Group and also the CEO of Saveyra, the newest venture from Silvermine Group. Manish has over two decades of experience in the media industry, with the last decade focusing on mobile. He began his career with ESPN as a Sales Analyst and worked his way up to Senior Vice President, in a period of fifteen years. Manish has received numerous industry awards and accolades and is a valued advisor to entrepreneurs in California and around the world.

1. First of all, we would like to know how you got the idea of developing Saveyra App?

Saveyra, India’s homegrown emoji, avatar, and stickers app, is designed specifically for a new generation of India’s youth, who like to express identity, emotions, and greetings with images. Saveyra celebrates India’s cultural and linguistic diversity and presents imagery based on the cultural context of the user, rather than one imposed by outsiders.

Indians have carried India’s cultural and religious traditions throughout the world. We celebrate language, poetry, food, music, clothes and religious traditions no matter where we go. The use of colors and visual imagery based on Indian themes and traditions are missing in the various visual imagery apps developed outside of India. The Saveyra team believes this is both a cultural and business opportunity.

2. iPhone has already provided its users, a new experience of creating avatars and emojis. In such circumstances, how would Saveyra App be different?

Saveyra’s mission is to become the platform of choice among India’s youth for visual communications. Saveyra also promotes Indian youth empowerment and cultural pride representing the full diversity of India. Saveyra’s team does not view other companies that believe in the mission of empowering India’s youth and celebrating India’s cultural heritage and diversity as competitors, but rather as collaborators in the same mission.

Saveyra app, for a new generation emoji lovers

3. So far, what is the response of smartphone users towards the Saveyra App?

The app went live on October 9, 2018, on both Android and iOS. The feedback from our audience has been largely positive and encouraging. People are excited about Saveyra and that there is something like this for everyone

4. The app is generally designed only for the Indian smartphone users or does it cater to the rest of the world too?

Our keyboard can be used on ANY communication platform, be it text messaging, Whatsapp, Facebook, Emails or anything else worldwide. The user is not bound by the necessity of the recipient also being on the same platform, which is a great advantage. The app can be enjoyed by users from all walks of life, young and old. Saveyra has something to offer to anyone who wants to add some color to their conversations. The app is available on both Android via Google Play, and for iOS via the App Store worldwide, so anyone across the world can download it and use it. We would love more users across the world to use it.

5. What is your roadmap for upcoming 2019?

First, we need to make sure that our technology platform is doing all the things we want it to do. Then we study very closely what the users want and are doing with the app. Then we modify and enhance from there. No magic bullet here. Just a lot of elbow grease. Right now, we are focusing on developing the app, adding more stickers and being available in 22 Indian languages.

6. Any new feature or app implementation plans in near future?

We will keep you posted.

7. What is the revenue model of the Saveyra App?

We are a freemium app.