The secret society of Illuminati on the Internet?

Being an inquisitive netizen, I am sure, you came across the term ‘Illuminati’ on the internet. Illuminati is a kind of controversial topic. But no, I am not here to sort out the controversy. Illuminati is spreading over the internet quite fast, and according to the definition of Illuminati, it is not supposed to spread that way. Why? I will discuss them in this article.

According to the definition of Illuminati, it is a secret society, which is meant to introduce a new world order through illumination and knowledge. It is from the term illumination, Illuminati got its name. There are also a number of conspiracy theories associated with Illuminati, and many think, the secret society of Illuminati is even responsible for a number of prohibited things going in the world. Though there aren’t any proper pieces of evidence of the involvement of the society, in such things.

secret society of Illuminati on the Internet

There are many netizens, who want to join Illuminati, by visiting, which claims to be the official website of the society. This is quite a common kind of disorder among netizens. They think of getting all the solutions on the internet. But no dear, the internet doesn’t even have the proper answer to, which came first? The chicken or the egg!



This is actually the reason, I am writing this article. On closer observation of the 2nd paragraph, you can notice, I used the term ‘secret’ while describing Illuminati. We all have secrets. Do we all share our secrets openly on the internet! Obviously no. Then why Illuminati! If Illuminati is a secret society, why there is an option to join the society through a website on the internet. The term secret just lost its justification after this.

If somebody wants to be a part of some secret society, joining the society is not meant to be so mainstream. You don’t need rocket science to understand this simple thing. By signing up on the, with your email address, you are actually giving them the permission to send you unnecessary spam emails containing news, which is, in some way related to Illuminati. Is it only that what you want! Moreover, you will also be urged to purchase different products, like a necklace, with the flagship one eye Illuminati shape enclaved on it. There are many other products.

Whether you want to join Illuminati or not, is completely your decision. But by merely signing up with your email ID on the so-called Illuminati Official website is actually not making you the member of the society, at the end of the day. A lot of bandwidth is utilized nowadays to send spam emails. Try not to be a part of it, by not joining Illuminati. Illuminati being a secret society, it is not easy to join Illuminati through the internet, as it is, to search for your favorite regional movie on Netflix.

Hope the information was will make you aware of so-called Illuminati on the internet. Want to say more about Illuminati! Surely share your thoughts in the comment section down below.


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