How Musers make Money using’s video app? Now a Tiktok

How will you feel if a 15 seconds video can earn you up to 6 figures!! Yes, it is true…, a global short video community app can make your dream come true. The talented users of better known as ‘Musers’ have many options to earn money. However, the is not anymore and converted into Tiktok. That includes all features of


Lip- sync videos as well as short videos of original content being the most popular. This social media platform is reported to have more than 200 million registered users with more than 13 million videos being uploaded every day.

Like any other social network, the secret to success is making yourself noticed by the viewers and this requires regular video uploads.’s live streaming app has become a promising platform for talented musers. According to, during the early days, top 10 musers were able to make 46,000$ in a couple of weeks.

Now, the question is how it works? 

Thus, If you want to earn from Tiktok, then after getting a reasonable amount of followers you need to start Live Chit chat with your followers as much as you can. And if any of your followers is a die hearted fan of yours and wants to send you a paid emoji, then he would need to buy it using the coins purchased from the TikTok.

The app has a virtual gift program, where the users can buy 100 coins for 0.99$. As he or she buy the coins, the 50% of every dollar is received by the person who is performing that act, while 30% goes as fees for Apple and Google.

Tiktok emoji moneuy

The rest 20% is received by

Now I hope you know how you can earn money from this kind of app: Let’s remind it again “If a viewer likes a specific performance, they can use their coins to purchase emojis. The emojis pops up on the screen in course of a live performance. There is a range of prices for this emojis”.

The performers can redeem such gift points anytime, maximum $1000 in any calendar day/week while the minimum amount should be $100 for each request.

The popular musers of get paid by brands who want promote their product through their video. It is one of the trending approaches to get huge exposure. Often people give a paid shout out on Instagram. People who like muser’s videos will definitely follow them on Instagram. Brands pay a lot of money to musers for promotion. Sometimes when musers have nothing to do brands send them the gift with a note where their name is mentioned. This is a good way to show appreciation of muser’s work and that they want to gift them something.

Musers can also be paid guests at restaurants and places. They invite them to attract more people to the event. So, in brief, has become that platform for the teens and tweens from where they can showcase their talent and earn a huge income.

To use the App the user must be at least 13 years old.


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  1. Thanks for explaining that, always wondering why so many people using this service( and now tiktok) now i understand!

    • this is so not helpful omg i hate this it is so faakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee app better show my comments to the public or else you stupid com.

      • Hello, this app is not meant to earn money better to find some legitimate source to earn rather than just completely rely on some entertainment app. Tiktok never promoted itself as a way to earn money. So, be calm and use your own intellectualness.

  2. hahah its real bro,.. eks ddii.. i earn money of it;) just go to my profile
    TikTok: LukasLagersson


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