What is XProfile for Instagram and why we need it?

Being socially active is an emerging trend that is followed by everybody on the planet. People love to share their emotions, ideas, thoughts on different social networking websites either through images, texts, or something else. This helps them to feel cool and calm after the hectic schedule they follow in their day to day life. One such website which is used by many people nowadays is Instagram. This is a place where there are provisions for uploading pictures, following different persons on the globe, share thoughts, videos, and many more. This website also pays a handsome amount to persons who have decent traffic of followers. To view the followers there is a provision on Instagram for the same but, who viewed our profile, followed us, who blocked us, etc. are not there in this application.

Xprofile Instagram social media analytics min

So, to ease down our task there is an application available in Google Playstore with the name XProfile. This is an amazing application that works as a powerful analytical tool for your Instagram to learn statistics, analytics, and exclusive data about your social media profiles.

Some of the Instagram XProfile features are given below:

  • Tells you about who stalked you: Yes, this profile helps in fetching the data related to who stalked our profile and how many times. So, if you want to know your secret admirer or enemy then this application is best for you.
  • Let you know about the users who blocked you: This application analyzes your Instagram account and then tells you how many followers blocked you. So, yes it acts as a spying agent.
  • Tells you about the users who have deleted their comments and likes from your posts: By installing this application one can get to know that how many of his/her followers deleted their comments and likes from the post that he/she posted.
  • Tells you about the people who are not following you back: With the help of this powerful analytical tool, you can get to know about the people not following you back whom you are already following.
  • Very cool graphics: The User Interface of this application is very cool and soothing to the eyes.
  • Tells you about hidden story viewers: Yes, you heard it right, with the help of this app you can see that who secretly viewed your Instagram stories and how many times they have done the same.
  • Gives an analysis that who have liked you the most and least: This application with the help of its inbuilt analytical tools helps you get to know about the people who have liked you the most and the ones who have liked you the least.
  • Tells you about your most popular stories and least ones: The machine learning feature which is incorporated in this application lets you know about your most popular Instagram stories and the least ones as well.
  • It comes in 4 different versions: There are 4 different versions for this app i.e., a free version with limited features, paid monthly INR 430/mo, paid half-yearly INR 275/mo, paid annually INR 200/mo.
  • Tells you that how many followers you lost: Gives an in-depth analysis of the number of followers you lost hence a decline in your follower traffic.
  • Basic features that Instagram provides: All other features starting from story viewing, new followers, etc. that Instagram provides can also be found in this application and one can access these features directly from this application.

Android and iOS store links for the app.

Some other alternate applications to XProfile for above activities

Here is a list of some more applications that work nearly the same as XProfile and can be downloaded through Google Playstore:

  • Unfollow Analyzer
  • Unfollow Pro for Instagram
  • Garny
  • Timehop
  • Social Posts
  • Mojo
  • Apphi
  • Planoly
  • Hashto
  • Followers and Likes Tracker for Instagram


Keeping the things that we discussed above, it can be concluded that if you are a tech geek and love to use amazing applications that help you in providing amazing features then you should definitely go with the XProfile application. It is easily available in Playstore and has been downloaded by millions of users out there. Also, if you are an active social media person who is always exploring new things then you should definitely download this application as it can ease down your work for analyzing your account. Many social media influencers and people who have business accounts on Instagram may find this application beneficial for them. So, take a look at this amazing application as soon as possible.