How to Sign up for Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange

Making money is not an easy task especially online as you have to move strategically to provide a high quality of content or products. There are lots way to earn money online, you can see our article– 16 Ways to Make Money Online From Home Without Investment. One of the best way to earn online is the Google Adsense if you have any website or content delivery platform. And those are using the Google Adsense they can further increase their revenue by adding one additional program called Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange. 




What is Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange?

The Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) which was earlier known as Google Dart is an advertising platform apart from Google Adsense. The Ad exchange service is meant to manage multiple monetizations online sources.

In DoubleClick, the advertisers consider as “Buyers” and publishers as “sellers” where the publishing partners bid from a real-time marketplace certified by the Google. It is basically another marketplace for advertisers to bid on display advertising across the Internet. A publisher can choose to show ads either from ad networks or Adsense ads on their websites. For more information visit:

The revenue generated by the Google Ad Exchange is often high because of real-time bidding environment for your ad inventory.




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Note: Following Steps only applicable if you have the Adsense account.

If you want to signup for the Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange Account follow the below-given stepsgoogle ad exchange sign up



Step 1:  First of visit the Link  and fill your local region details.DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)ad network Signup



Step 2:  Before moving further, accept terms and conditions. Also, you can edit the local settings, if you think any information you selected is wrong.Double click confirm local settings and accept terms and conditions



Step 3:  In this step, you can set your preference for Doubleclick notifications in which you receive periodic notifications with ads optimizations tips, best practices, market research and more… If you want to receive them click on Yes otherwise on No thanks.DoubleClick for Publishers user




Step 4:  Finally you are at the Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers Dashboard from where you can add the third party ads to display via Google Adsense.Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange dashboardBut the story does not end here, if you do not have the approved Adsense account then you can’t signup directly to Google Adx account.

In that case, there is a second option, find out the Google Certified Publishing Partner those are the part of Google’s Network Partner Management (NPM) program. The NPM program allows the smaller publisher to sell the larger partner advertisements through their ad inventory. For finding certified partners of Google see the Link… 

After choosing a certified partner for your country, contact them and they will send you an NPM registration link which you can use to get the Google Adx access, once approved by the Google.