7 Years Old Apple and Samsung patent infringement case now finally ends

According to the recent report of the Wall Street Journal and a document released by the California District Court of the United States, Apple and Samsung Electronics finally have reached a settlement on copyright disputes that have lasted for many years. There is no mention of specific settlements in the published legal documents.

The earliest legal disputes between Apple and Samsung Electronics can be traced back to 2011, when Apple sued Samsung, claiming that Samsung’s five Android phones sold between 2010 and 2011 infringed Apple’s design patents.

In 2012, Samsung admitted to infringing on Apple’s design patents, but the two companies have not reached a settlement on the compensation amount for the past six years.

Apple and Samsung patent Infingment case

Samsung insisted that the amount of compensation should only involve the plagiarized portion of iPhone design patents, while Apple believes that the amount of compensation should be calculated based on the value of the entire iPhone.

In May of this year, the court stood on the side of Apple and ordered Samsung Electronics to pay Apple 539 million U.S. dollars. Samsung expressed dissatisfaction with this decision and filed an appeal on June 11. However, Samsung has now withdrawn all lawsuits related to this case because it has reached a settlement.



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