Android Messages Integrated with Duo and Payment Support in Recent Update

The default Google messenger app which was renamed as Android Messages is now more than a messenger. The Android Messages is the default SMS application in the stock Android smartphones such as Google Pixel.  The new updated version of Android Messages which is version 2.7 has been rolled out to all users with an integrated Duo and Payment features.

However, there is no significant change in the Android Messages app interface but the APK did reduce in size.  So, the three major changes you will see in the app are:

  • Reduction in APK size
  • Integrated with Google’s Duo app features
  • Payment support — to send or receive the money directly via Android Messages app.


Duo Integration

Andrid messages DUO calling

The Duo is a video calling app of Google which is also separately available on Google Play store. This app integration with the Android Messages enables the video calling in the SMS message box. It can use via calling icon given at the right side in the SMS conversation window.


Payment -Sending or Receiving Money

Now sending or receiving money becomes easier and can directly perform while an SMS conversation.  The payment features use the Google Wallet service to perform the transaction.

Android Messages Integrated with Duo and Payment Support in Recent Updates

To use the Money transfer feature of Android Messages app, tap on the +plus icon given at the left side in the app. Hitting the plus icon will show more options such as clip arts or emoticons, camera access and Send money and Request money option.

Select any one of them and enter the amount to send or request to receive. Once you set the amount it will show as the attachment in the message box. Now tap the send button and send the message. The other person will receive a message as well as a link to transfer the money. Also, the recipient will get a pending request in their Google Wallet app if installed.

According to the android police, some people still not have received the new features in their Google Android Messages app and it seems that this update is still in the rolling out process.


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