Android P will no longer pop-up for “Waiting” or “Closed” programs

Friends who must have used Android phones have experienced the problem of “application crashes and no response”. Such tips will be changed in the era of Android P.

Android application crashes and no response

Previously, when the program did not respond, a prompt popped up to let you select “Waiting” or “Closed.” Under normal circumstances, “waiting” is basically invalid, and the user has to manually remorse to kill the ongoing task.

Android p Waiting or Closed.

At the I/O conference, Google confirmed that in the future, the “crash” prompt will no longer be displayed, and instead it will be closed directly. Google said that the purpose of doing so is not to interfere with the presentation of the main UI interface, of course, a deeper consideration is that OEMs and program developers will, therefore, try their best to avoid this flashback phenomenon, otherwise, it will appear to affect the user experience even more.

IO conference, Google