The latest and confirmed Android P features unveiled after the Google I/O 2018

Machine learning will be related to almost everything in the latest Android P making it sure, the experience of using Android P will definitely be of a different class if compared to its predecessors. But what are the new features, which will actually matter to you! Previously I had written on the latest features of Android P, which were seen in the preview, but after the Google I/O 2018, some new features have come forward, and if they work as expected, there isn’t any doubt Android P will be the best Android version so far. So without further delay, let’s find out the new features, which will make Android P the best Android in the true sense of the term.

Latest Android P features

Better and new system navigation

The Android P will come with a new way of navigating through the system, which will be solely based on gestures and will be eventually helpful for big-screen smartphones. With a single home button and swiping gestures in different directions, you can not only get access to the app drawer but can also access the recent apps.

Improved screen autorotation

Accidental autorotation is frustrating and that is the reason why I always turn off autorotation when I don’t need it. Google addressed this issue in Android P, where autorotation will be improved and there will be a small button, tapping on which will actually rotate at the screen, keeping away switching to automatic landscape mode every single time.

App action prediction

With Android P, machine learning will be implemented to smartly offer you the option to open a new app after a particular action. For example, on connecting an external keyboard, it will offer you the option to open any of your text editing apps, which are installed on your smartphone or do similar other things.

Selecting texts reinvented

Now with Android P, once you select some text, you will get relevant options depending on your selection. For example, if you select a tough word, it might show you the meaning of the word or the origin of the word. Pretty cool indeed.

Adaptive Battery

Google has partnered with DeepMind, to build the Adaptive Battery in Android P, which will use maximum battery power only for the apps and services you need the most. Thus, useless services will no longer squash the battery life, which is pretty cool.

Android Dashboard and App Timer

Now you no longer need to struggle with your schedule to find out quality time to spend with your family. From now onwards, with Android P, Google will take care of your digital life. It will understand the way you spend your life, and if you seem to be addicted to some kind of app or service, the latest Android Dashboard will recommend you to take a break, and spend some time doing some other work.

With Android Dashboard you can even set the timer for using your certain apps, such that you can get prompts when you move closer to the limit of using your favorite app.

Wind Down Mode

Are you addicted to your smartphone, which keeps you away from sleeping timely every night! If so, with the Wind Down Mode on Android P, the Do Not Disturb mode will be automatically turned on, along with turning your screen to greyscale mode, to remind you of sleeping at the most apposite time.

Shush Mode

Shush Mode is a new type of Do Not Disturb mode, which will do more than silencing your phone calls and notification. Now Shush Mode will also stop you from getting any kind of visual interruptions or pop-ups on the screen when it is one. It will also make your smartphone enter Do Not Disturb mode, once it is kept on the table, which will be pretty helpful.

Adaptive Brightness

On Android P, machine learning algorithms will be used for Adaptive Brightness. It will learn from the surroundings and will set the appropriate brightness level depending upon it, which will eventually give the best brightness output.

Better security

Last but not the least is the security in Android P. Android P will offer numerous security and privacy improvements, which include encrypted and secure backups, DNS over TLS, protection for insecure data traffic, and many others.

With machine learning being the core of Android P, my expectations with the latest operating system by Google is really extraordinary. Though, it is yet to watch, how exactly Android P functions in real life. Which one is your favorite feature in Android P! Let me know your opinions in the comment section down below, as it is all yours.

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