Android users likely to get a dedicated button for Google Assistant and Lens

The Google I/O 2018 is just around the corner, and just before the event, the South Korean electronics giant LG said, Google is planning to roll out a set of cool new features in the Google camera app. According to LG, Google will introduce a physical button just below the volume rockers, which will act as a dedicated button to start Google Lens, and the much loved Google Assistant.

dedicated button for Google Assistant and Lens

According to LG, tapping the button once will call the Google Assistant, while tapping it two times quickly, will start the Google Lens. By long tapping on the same button, the users will even be able to talk to the Google Assistant. I am sure, this dedicated button will be handy for a number of Android users. This button is similar to the dedicated Bixby button, which was seen in the Samsung flagship of the last year, or S8, and it is even present on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

For users, who don’t know, what exactly Google Lens is all about, it is a service available with Google Photos, and it is helpful to find out and extract more information from the photos, which include recognizing landmarks, animals, book covers, recognize texts and many more. Google announced Google Lens in the last year’s Google I/O developer summit and was made available to Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, in the month of October last year.

Though, there isn’t any confirmation from Google about the introduction of the dedicated multifunctional button, but, LG has confirmed the presence of the dedicated button on the latest flagship of it, the LG G7 ThinQ. There isn’t any confirmation about, whether the button can be remapped, or its functionality will be limited to using the Google service mentioned above. It is not even sure, whether all the upcoming budget devices will come with the dedicated button or not!

Hope the small information was helpful to you! What is your opinion about getting a 4th button after the volume rockers and the button? Let me know about it, in the comment section below.