AVerMedia Introduces ‘Find Your Capture Card’ and ‘Compatibility Testing Tool’ Features for Capture Cards

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., deals in digital multimedia technology, today introduced two new web-based features ‘Find Your Capture Card‘ and ‘Compatibility Test Tool‘ for their customers. Compatible with popular browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome, this new interface lets the consumers to easily choose different scenarios, criteria and choose the capture cards according to their needs. The ‘Compatibility Test Tool’ on the other hand scans and checks if the user’s PC hardware meets the products’ system requirements, thus reducing the pain of searching the right capture card.

AVerMedia maintains its commitment to provide products with leading-edge technology and plans to constantly engage with customers to not only deliver best solutions but also to ensure that it is among the top streaming solutions in its customer’s consideration set. AVerMedia is committed to providing users with the most enjoyable gaming experiences with a full spectrum of product lineups, AVerMedia offer solutions ranging from gaming microphones, speakers, and headsets for PC and console games. Revolutionizing the consumer experience the company has become one of the world’s leading brands for the consumer, corporate and industrial digital imaging solutions.

Please click here to download the tool to check capture card is compatible with your PC Hardware or not.