Learn dance with these 4 useful Android Apps available on Google Play

Dancing is something which makes almost every youngster go crazy these days. Well, I agree with you not only youngsters but other age groups are also highly influenced by it. We don’t mind shaking a leg whenever our favourite track plays. Dancing itself is a very amazing thing, it serves multi-purposes. It is a kind of exercise, a kind of stress buster, and also a type of entertainment. And living in today’s modern world, I bet you that you have to show your dance skills, maybe at a party, or at a wedding or at a family function and so on, and I do know that most of the people struggle to master dancing.

Below are the best useful apps to help in earning dance:

Here we are with these apps to learn dancing using Android smartphone which would help you to become a good dancer.

Hip Hop Dance Steps Videos

This app claims to have the largest collection of hip hop dance videos. Though it is a small 5 MB sized app made by Arcane app studio but don’t go by it’s the size as it comes packed with a lot of stuff. No doubt that hip-hop is one of the most popular demands by the youngsters as well as other age groups today. It contains a huge variety of different hip-hop forms and the step by step guide to learn and master them all.

The most praiseworthy feature of this app is that it has no in-app purchases and comes absolutely free. You get a vast collection of hip-hop dance forms and detailed video tutorials of them all with which you can master it. And believe me, if you go through this app regularly and with full focus and practice all that you have learnt on a daily basis then congratulations!

Hip Hop Dance Steps Videos

You are all set to become a great dancer and that too for paying no penny at all and not even by moving outside your home. So, what is the issue? Just go to play store and grab it and start learning and be ready to show off your skills in the next party you visit and emerge out as the wildest party animal. And yes please do not forget to thank the technology.


Groove Studio – Dance Classes

Ekaterina Gorshkova has built this tiny 4 MB sized app, but again it comes packed with a lot more than its size. You can learn different forms of dance moves like R&B, Hip-hop, and K-pop. Well, let me tell what this app has in store for you.

All the material in this app is usually the YouTube content, now you might be thinking that you can watch it directly from YouTube, yes, you are right, but again not completely, it has hand-picked the best content from YouTube and organised it serially which helps you to learn the dancing steps right from the beginner level to the higher levels. We all know that YouTube is a vast ocean and this app acts as a ship to help you cross from one shore to another.

Believe me, just follow this app and you will be amazed after some time. Furthermore, after you have learnt from all the free content then you can also make the in-app purchases which are only 140 rupees to enhance your skills to greater heights.


Dance Steps Videos

One more great contender in the list. This small 5 MB sized app from Pacemaker has a lot to offer. One of the most astonishing features about this app is that it has also got no in-app purchases and will cost you nothing. Secondly, you get to learn a vast category of different dance forms for free. You get the step by step guide to master them all.

Dance Steps Videos

As I said earlier, it has a huge collection of various dance forms like – Belly Dance, Navratri Raas Garba, Punjabi Bhangra Dance, Couple Dance, Kathak Dance, Flamenco Dance, Classic form Dance, Cute Baby Kids Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Contemporary Dance, Bharatnatyam Dance, Pole Dance, Girls Dancing, Salsa Dance, Solo Dance, Skeleton Dance, How to Dance, Choreography Dance, Robot Dance, Shadow Dance are the various dance forms which you can learn from it and that too straight from your home and by paying nothing. Therefore, I don’t think that you should think twice before downloading it.


Indian Classical Dance

The makers of this app Ad Software Engineering Services, has come up with this small 5 MB sized app. With the help of this app, you can learn different types of traditional Indian dance forms like Bharatnatyam. Beginner, junior, and intermediate are the three levels and you can master them all. It contains over 50 videos with which you can learn and master Bharatiya, though you have to practice regularly.

Each of the three levels is further subdivided into more levels and each contains a variety of videos of various forms of Bharatanatyam, and once you have completed them all you can proudly say that you know how to perform Bharatanatyam and can confidently perform it in front of a large audience. And though this app is roughly MB in size, once you have downloaded all the videos then it will eat over 500 MB space in your phone so be prepared in advance for that. Again, one of the most impressive features of this app is that it is also free from in-app purchases and you don’t need to shell out any money of yours in order to be a great Bharatnatyam dancer, isn’t that cool? 


Thus, these are the 4 best apps that are currently available in the Google Play store with which you can master your dancing skills and show them in front of the masses. So, just choose which one is the best app for you, download it, learn from it and just practice. And believe me the next time you attend any party, you will be the first one to rock the dance floor and the last one to leave it. Therefore, I hope you liked this article and also found it useful.

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