Best alternative app to CamScanner for scanning on smartphones

Are you looking for Camscanner app’s best alternative for Android and iOS? Especially when Google removed it from Play Store, here is the one best option to try…

Our high-quality cameras on smartphones today are good enough to capture photos of documents, and it has, in some way or the other replaced scanners in many places.

With some apps, the captured photo of a document can be made to look like the photocopy or a scanned copy of the document, which can be useful for saving ink at the time of printing the document.

One of the most popular apps, which can be useful for that purpose is  CamScanner.

CamScanner is one of the most favourite apps used by almost everybody to scan documents using the smartphone camera, but Google has removed recently CamScanner app from the Play Store. However, CamScanner is nesting at its full glory on the AppStore.

This isn’t a decision made by Google out of the blue. According to a team of researchers at Kaspersky, some recent versions of  CamScanner comes with an advertising malware that shows intrusive ads to the user.

Besides, showing intrusive ads, the Trojan also sign and user for the paid version without making the user know about it.

The Trojan i.e. Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n, has also been found on most Android smartphones by some Chinese manufacturers and it can also extract and execute additional modules that come in an encrypted form within the app’s resources.

Long story short, the developers of  CamScanner has violated the terms of the Google Play store, which made Google take the decision of removing the app state from the store.

If you have the  CamScanner app installed on your smartphone, you can use it as long as you can, but I will not recommend you to do that as it can still carry out its malicious activities without your knowledge.

If you search for  CamScanner on the Google Play store right now, you can find the license app to update to the full version, which is made by the same developer, i.e. INTSIG, and other apps that closely resemble the icon and the name of  CamScanner. But I will not recommend you to download any such app as they can be deceptive as well.

CamScanner used to serve the purpose of converting documents to PDF files, which is something that most people do almost every day for their personal and official work.

Though you can always capture the photo of a document and send it or save it as a PDF using different online services, that is it convenient at all.

So, today I will discuss the best alternative to CamScanner, which you can count on, and I am personally using the app for quite some time now and is really pleased by the user interface, ease of usage and the fact that it does not come with any ad at all.

Best Camscanner Alternative to scan on Android and iPhone/iOS

Adobe Scan- A document scanner app

Adobe Scan is an Android and iOS app from the software giant Adobe, and it comes with additional features besides offering you a simple user interface to capture photos of documents and convert them to PDF with just a few taps.

On opening this CamScanner alternative app, you can choose between camera to start scanning a document, or import one from the gallery, and once captured, you will find the option to optimize the app for capturing document, business card, form or whiteboard.

However you can stick to document, which is the default option and once you take your camera in front of the document it will be immediately captured and you will be given the option to rotate the document, change the colour scheme of the document as per your requirements, resize the document, change the order of pages and modify the document in a number of ways.

CamScanner alternative Adobe Scan for scanning document on phone.

Once the document is finally prepared, you can share the document with your friends and colleagues through email, WhatsApp or any other sharing app.

The only downside of the Camscanner alternative Adobe Scan app is, it constantly urges you to download and open the final PDF document in Acrobat Reader.

However, you can easily save the document on your local storage, and open it on any other PDF viewer that you have installed on your smartphone. Adobe Scan is lightweight and it does not show any ads at all. 

CamScanner used to be a great app, but in the last few years, it has gone through a massive overhaul and now it is filled with ads everywhere and every single element to ruin the overall user interface.

Even if CamScanner makes its way back to the Play Store I will recommend you to stick to Adobe Scan as it is the best one that you can get to fulfil all your document scanning requirements using your smartphone. 

So that was all about the best alternative to CamScanner. Do you know any other great alternative to CamScanner? Feel free to comment on the same below.