Essential Gem, a new smartphone project by Andy Rubin

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The erstwhile co. founder and CEO of Android Andy Rubin, has launched his own first smartphone company Essential – the Essential Phone in 2017,  which got a huge hype, however, later was a big failure. But Rubin did not give up and recently announced a new innovative designed smart device with a completely new form factor i.e Essential Gem.

If we went through the media & analyst reports the initial smartphone device of this company, Essential Phone has sold just 50,000 times in the first half-year which is not bad at all, however, if we compared the hype and person who has started then people deemed it as a failed project. Nevertheless, the device provides positive headlines because till now the Essential smartphones are getting the Android updates, as per media reports.

It’s been in hearsay that Essential is working on some new device but what it was not confirmed hitherto the former Google Employee Andy Rubin has posted his new device images with an innovative user interface on Twitter.
Tweet tells that Essential’s new smartphone form factor “Project Gem” is still in an early stage of testing. Company is working on this new device, which “would redefine the perspective on smartphones”. Yet the information about this the Essential Gem is very exiguous and in the near future, the company will reveal more details about Project Gem.

At first glance, one would say that it is a smartphone with an extra-long display and design.

The long-form factor of the device gives the feel of having a classical telephone receiver but what is the reason for creating such a long phone that would be difficult for one to carry in a pocket, well that answer yet has to give by the company.

However, as per the released pictures and video, the smartphone seems interesting, it comes in different shiny plush looking colours which makes it like a piece of some jewellery


If you see the image of Essential Gem, then on the back it has a single camera including a circular LED flash just below it probably, a fingerprint sensor. The front camera is integrated into the display. Also as per the XDA developers, it would be running on Android on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor.

The map which is appearing on the phone’s long screen is almost certainly not Google Maps.


Another picture shows a kind of Task Manager that contains many smaller apps which looks interesting on its long UI.

essential-gem-smartphone user interface

Now, it is really in shadow what exactly inspires the company to create a device which looks like an amalgamation of telephone and remote like framework. However, as per the media reports, maybe the company will reveal the Essential Gem in coming few weeks officially and that will explain and debunk all the mysteries.


However, the design looks unusual but we should not forget the Essential Phone was the one who had created the first smartphone with waterdrop notch and triggers the trend of the same in the industry. Who knows this Essential Gem with new UI and radically different form factor perhaps has something new to trigger.

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