Microsoft to introduce Your Phone mirroring app for Android and iOS users

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Mirroring apps are available in plenty on the Google Play Store, and on the App Store, but most people are now aware of it. Mirroring apps are those apps, which show some limited set of contents like messages, call logs, notifications from your smartphone, directly to your mobile. AirDroid, PushBullet are a few of the most popular mirroring applications, to name a few. But, in the 2018 Microsoft Developer Conference, a new mirroring app with the name ‘Your Phone’, is going was announced, and will be available for the users soon.

With the mirroring app, the user will be able to access the photos and videos, messages, call logs and notifications on their desktop, which will be pretty handy to concentrate on a particular task on the computer, without the need of putting up the phone, checking the notifications, and getting back to work. Microsoft says, they will develop the app in a way, the users will no longer need to bit their smartphone when they will get access to the ‘Your Phone’ app. Pretty promising. Though, it is yet to find out, how the app will actually function, in everyday life.

Microsoft Your Phone mirroring app for Android and iOS users

Microsoft says, there are a few features which will be OS centric, and thus, some features will be there, which will be exclusively available in the app, either for iOS, or Android. If you want to get hands on this app, sign up immediately for the Windows Insiders program, and you might be one of the lucky guys to get the app for the purpose of testing, later this week. For users, who are not insiders, or do not want to sign up for the program, are likely to get the feature with the next big update, the Windows 10 Redstone 5, which is expected to come later this year.

Microsoft is doing a great job for the last couple of months to keep the iOS and Android users pacified, by offering a cool set of apps and services. In the April update, Microsoft introduced the new ‘Focus assist’ option to keep away unwanted notifications, and it is really handy, at least for me. I wish the ‘Your Phone’ app get rolled out as soon as possible, and I wish, Microsoft is able to fulfill the promises, they made, about the features of the app.

What do you think about the cool new app? What is your favorite mirroring application? Give your opinions in the comment section below.

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