Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G upgraded version of 765 Is Official  

Qualcomm may have disappointed the high-end smartphone users by not announcing an upgraded version of the Snapdragon 865. But that does not mean Snapdragon was not working on their next project. As this time Snapdragon bought something which is going to be a joy for the mid-range smartphone users. Yes, I am talking about the upgraded version of Snapdragon 765, and Snapdragon officially acknowledges their latest Snapdragon 768G. 768G is going to be a slightly more powerful variant of the famous Snapdragon 765, which was launched back at 2019. In this article, we will be talking about all the confirmed details of this new Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G and how future Android devices could benefit from this CPU.

Details of Snapdragon 768G

  • Snapdragon 768G is going to feature the same 7nm EUV Node like 765, but increase in frequency can be noticed. Both the Snapdragon 768G and Snapdragon 765 CPU designs are based on Samsung’s 7nm EUV node design, so the level of efficiency will be the same.
  • Snapdragon 768G going to have an integrated Snapdragon X52 5G modem. Of course, the speed of this modem is even slower than the Snapdragon X55 from Snapdragon 865; but remember that we are talking about a mid-range smartphone CPU. So, X52 ensures less expensive smartphones compatibility for the 5G networks. There is also one more thing to keep in mind that this 5G compatibility along with the X52 modem is actually the main upgrade for the mid-level Smartphones in the near future.
  • Most of the other specifications of the Snapdragon 768G is based on the Snapdragon 765 itself; which is not surprising at all as we have seen such little upgrades from Qualcomm before as well.
  • If you are still looking for a comparison with upcoming flagship Snapdragon 775 then let me tell you that the Snapdragon 875 Specs are also allegedly leaked which is going to feature an integrated X60 5G Modem.
  • If we come to other details of Snapdragon 768G then you are gonna get the same 14-bit Spectra 355 ISP support as it is in the 765 called Hexagon 696. Also, you are going to get the LPDDR4X memory support at 2133MHz.

Now you may be wondering about how 768G is going to a worthy upgrade over the 765 if most of the specifications are just the same except the 5G support. Then let me tell you that in Snapdragon 768G you can get up to 15% increase in Graphics Performance over the Snapdragon 765G.

  • Like the Snapdragon 765 and 765G, the Snapdragon 768G features the same CPU configuration, but it runs at higher clock speed, so you are bound to get better performance, just like CPU overclocking in PC.
  • In 768G the 1st Cortex-A76 would be running at 2.80GHz (while it is 2.30GHz for Snapdragon 765 and 2.40GHz for Snapdragon 765G)
  • On another hand the 2nd Cortex-A76 would be sporting at 2.40GHz (in case of 765 & 765G it is 2.20GHz)
  • But a little downside is that all the Six Cortex-A55 cores would be running at 1.80GHz (which is same for the Snapdragon 765 and 765G, so no changes in there)

There is going to be some noticeable changes in the GPU configuration as well. Let’s talk about the details.

  • The Adreno 620 would be running in the Snapdragon 768G is going to 15% faster than the Adreno 620 in Snapdragon 765G. So, there is going to be a difference between the GPU Clock-speed, but the confirmed rate is not announced yet from Snapdragon’s side. Though the differences of 15% GPU performance increase may even not noticeable apart from gaming. Many experts are even debating that the GPUI performance increase is not going to noticeable at all, as the GPU platform remains the same.


The new 768G is going to be an upgraded CPU, but not a worthy upgrade for all. According to my conclusion, the users of 767 or 76G should not end up buying 768G as the performance upgrade is hardly noticeable, apart from the 5G support. But if you are a user of even older-gen Snapdragon or MediaTek CPU, then in the mid-range price 768G can be a nice upgrade for you. As 865 is quite costly and the 775 is yet to be announced, so in the meantime, 768G can do quite good business, as the need for 5G compatible smartphones are rising day by day. Also, there is leaked news that Google is considering the 768G for their upcoming Google Pixel 5, so I am a little excited about this CPU and keen to see how much business it can do.