Razer Phone Burn & Bent Test, Shows it is Better than Nextbit Robin

The Razer Phone is built by a gaming company and also has specs impressive enough to catch our eyes even those are not gamers.  The Razer phone is officially announced in the month of November 2017 and the company also started its selling after that.  The Razor has purchased the Nextbit Robin startup and came out with something tough and durable, shown in the video given below by the JerryRigEverthing, a Youtube channel.

He has done a scratch, burn and bend test on the Razer Phone which seems very interesting.

What is the brief information, we got from the video, is the Razor handset is far better than Nextbit Robin in terms of built quality, although the design is of the handset is looks similar like to the Nextbit. There are certain things which we found in the video those can be better in the Razor such as the camera glass coating.  Overall the Razor, passed the almost every test even it has recovered the 10Hz display from the open flame. In the bend test, it not easily supple but got a snap near the power button.