Recent Survey Shows 75% developers want to self-learn the coding

A recent survey that has been done by India’s technology community, Techgig shows the 75 percent of developers are trying to learn to code by their own using different online platforms. Techgig is an online community of Technolgy enthusiast with over 3.5 million registered users.

Recent Survey Shows 75% developers want to self-learn the coding

In an Annual TechGig Developer Survey 2019, which was conducted to analyse some interesting insights of the developer’s world revealed that automation is one of the biggest concerns of most developers (58%) who fear that such technologies would eventually displace them from their jobs.

Another important question which was addressed by this survey was ‘With the rapid development in technology, how are developers subsisting the need of upskilling?”

This is the reason why the developers are keep looking for Coding Platforms like TechGig to upskill themselves to stay relevant in their jobs.

In this survey, Java emerged as the programming language with the highest salary potential, followed by Python, C# and JavaScript.

Also, around 46% survey respondents voted that Python can help coders quickly rise the success ladder in comparison to other programming languages.

TechGig Developer Survey 2019 also asked the respondents to pick the most disruptive technology of 2019. Big Data was voted as the top choice, closely followed by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, both tied at the number two position on the list of most disruptive technologies of 2019.