Should TikTok be Banned in India or not?

This is one of the hottest questions of the moment especially in India for sure. Before we go deep into it, almost all of us know that TikTok is nothing but a type of social media app that offers shot videos, and ever since its launch, it has gained huge popularity in no time and the biggest contributor for the same has been the audience from India.

I can probably say that many of you might have uninstalled it, while some of you might be using it, therefore, let me try to showcase what I feel about this issue, and what should be done in my opinion.

There are many reasons which led to this outrage among Indians, and one of them is that it is a Chinese product. And as China is responsible for the worldwide pandemic Novel COVID 19, which has degraded the global economy, made our lives hell, and even led to the loss of many innocent lives. While millions of people are still battling with life and death each and every moment in hospitals, and we do not know how many more will be affected by it; as an everyday huge number of cases are showing up and there is no vaccine for the same. One more thing is that there is always a lot of tension between the two nations, as China has always tried to backstab India and it always conspires against the country. 

Should India ban tiktok app min

There should be a lot of questions arising in your mind as of now. First of all, are the above-mentioned things strong enough for TikTok to be uninstalled and banned from India? Well, in my opinion, NO, yes you read right, not at all, if these reasons are to be concerned then TikTok should not be banned in India, no doubt these reasons are very big, but then all the products from China should be banned in India, not just one TikTok.


The people posting long posts to ban TikTok because it is a product of China, are they doing the same with a Xiaomi or Realme or Vivo or Oppo or Samsung or i-phone or Motorola or any other brand? Most of the abovementioned brands are Chinese and most of the Indians are using theses smartphones only. Even when it comes to Samsung, it has its manufacturing units in China, and some of its parts are assembled there.

I know you might be surprised to see iPhone in this list, but it also relies heavily on China for a lot of its inside stuff, like – parts of accelerometer, audio chips, battery, camera, glass screen, compass, A-series processor, WiFi chips, and so on.

Not only this, most of the parts of our laptops, tablets, computers, and almost each and every electronic gadget in our life has something of Chinese in it. And not only electronics, many toys, fancy decorative, and a lot of other things are either fully or somewhat Chinese.

In simple words, if you have to completely avoid Chinese things, then almost you have to empty 20 to 40 percentage of the entire stuff inside your sweet home.

So, banning a single social media app for being Chinese is not at all justifying to me nor it making any sense. But, our article is not yet over, there are still other factors left to be judged, so let us dive deeper into it.

Many Indians have gained a lot of popularity from this social media platform, they have entertained us and even made a name for themselves, earned a lot of money from various promotional videos and have gained a lot of followers due to their skills and talents. All of these are indeed good and this app has helped all of them a lot and has been a kind of platform for them, and the ultimate path to glory for them, and you can even say a ticket to their dreams.

But wait, till now we have only discussed the neutral and good side of this app, now let me showcase to you the darker side of TikTok which will eventually be the game-changer.

I couldn’t exactly confirm about this but as per the Twitter trends, so many people are saying TikTok owner Zhang Yiming once said that he had designed this app keeping in mind the unemployed and unstable sort of people and he said that he never knew that there were so many of them in India.

If he really has said this, then it could be a reason alone is big enough for Indians to ban this not so social app, the owner of TikTok is today a billionaire, having a net worth over $16 billion, and if TikTok would not have been launched in India then there were very little chances of him to become a billionaire. Even in 2019 alone, India alone contributed over 70 % of this app’s global revenue, so, if India would not have entertained this app, then it might have gone unnoticed in the first instance and no-one would have known the name of Yiming or his app. Even now, the ratings of this app fell very down because so many Indians are now boycotting it.

Moreover, this app has also become very bad in many ways, as most of its content is nowadays filled with nudity and other obscene scenes, hate speeches, and comments. The most ironic thing is that TikTok doesn’t even care to delete or remove it in the first place or ban that very Tik Toker and take serious action against him/her; report him to the cyber cell. Rather it shows all that spicy content to gain popularity and make millions for itself. In one of the recent videos, a lady was making nasty and objectionable remarks about the integrity and sovereignty of India and even disrespecting the country’s national flag, and as usual, this app did nothing for the same, posted it and also let it viral. 

Therefore, according to my personal opinion, this app must be banned from India and all of us must uninstall it from our devices. If you are yet to do the same, then I personally request you to do the same, and as far as people who were making a name for themselves using this platform, I request them also to uninstall it and support in banning it. As nothing is above the nation and humanity, and you guys have an ample number of other platforms, you can try out YouTube or even Instagram and so on to showcase your talent and skills in front of the world.

What are you guys thinking? Let us know your thoughts on this, whether the Indian government should ban it or willing we should start uninstalling it. The choice is yours and so the below-given comment box.

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  1. Other products will take time n shd be gradually replaced. But things that can be removed immediately has to be done.


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