smallcase Technologies introduces Publisher Platform

Press Release Highlights:

  • Holistic platform that enables SEBI licensed professionals to showcase stock/ETF based research/advice as smallcases & also deliver communications/market-updates to their clients
  • Their clients can view their smallcases & transact via their trading account in a click
  • Publisher helps licensed professionals productize their research & scale their practice

smallcase Technologies, which builds platforms & products that are changing the way India invests, recently launched the Publisher Platform for the professional researcher and advisor community in India.

With Publisher, SEBI licensed professionals can efficiently share their stock/ETF based research as smallcases. This allows registered professionals the means to not only showcase their research & communicate market updates as required, but also makes them actionable for end clients who can subsequently invest in these “smallcases” on the same platform via their accounts with broker-partners.

smallcase Technologies has already partnered with some of India’s leading brokerages like Zerodha, AxisDirect, HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities, and has plans to add more to this list. smallcases are a modern financial instrument that are effectively portfolios of stocks or ETFs. They help investors take exposure to a variety of professionally-researched theme or strategy based portfolios at zero expense ratio or management fees. Moreover, since smallcases are integrated with the users’ brokerage accounts, the underlying securities are held in the investor’s demat account and they have complete control & transparency into their investments.

With the introduction of the Publisher Platform, licensed professionals can now conveniently productize their stock & ETF research/advisory services via a platform that also takes care of various operational functions – including automatically communicating market updates, issuing portfolio rebalances, KYC/payments, promotional campaigns & more.

Explaining the idea behind Publisher Platform and the benefit it brings to research professionals, Vasanth Kamath, CEO, smallcase Technologies said, “We created Publisher Platform, for our in-house Research team to create, publish & update their research as smallcases. While integrating with other brokers, we started enabling their research teams to create & publish their own smallcases using the same interface.”

“The whole idea behind the Publisher platform & opening it up to independent research & advisory firms/individuals is to help them scale their practice while they continue to focus on what they do best i.e. great research. It also helps us in our mission to build a strong community of new manufacturers for the smallcase instrument & ecosystem”, Kamath added.

Deepak Shenoy, Founder & CEO of Capitalmind which is using the Publisher Platform to deliver portfolio research to their clients, said “This is a great tool that allows customers of our portfolio research services to seamlessly execute through the Publisher Platform, and to rebalance periodically. Our momentum portfolio is now available on smallcase and customers are happy with the user experience and simplicity of smallcase.”

Anurag Bhatia, Founder & CEO of Minance, another user of the Publisher Platform, added “Minance had actually applied for the PMS license, but we withdrew it after discovering & understanding the Publisher Platform and smallcase’s broader vision. smallcase is disrupting the entire PMS industry, and with its Publisher Platform, it has enabled us to make well-researched & rewarding strategies available to retail investors at low ticket-sizes.”