Tenda revealed CPE & Ceiling Access Point – Tenda O1 & I9 

Tenda, a networking company has recently launched Tenda O1 and Tenda I9 wireless access point for indoor and outdoor environments.

The Tenda O1 CPE (Customer premises equipment) which is meant for Outdoor conditions features 2.4GHz frequency and designed to provide WISP (Wireless Internet service provider) CPE solutions and distant wireless network solutions up to 500 meters, generally useful in video surveillance and data transmission.

On the other hand, the Tenda I9 designed specifically for indoor situations such as office, bar, coffee shop, etc. It is a 300 Mbps wireless access point.

Tenda revealed CPE & Ceiling Access Point – Tenda O1 & I9 

Key features of Tenda O1:

It integrated with 8d bi-directional antennas to provide optimum wireless signal strength up to 500 meters.

  • Meant for Long-Distance Wireless Connection
  • It has two module one work as AP and other is as station mode to cover long distance range for video surveillance and data transmission.
  • WISP(Client + Router) Mode to WISP station/hotspot to share Internet to local wireless and wired network.
  • IP64 waterproof
  • Comes with centralized management software for management of Tenda CPE devices

Key Features of Tenda I9:

  • The Tenda I9 as mentioned above also works on 2.4GHz band
  •  300Mbps bandwidth support
  • 2 built-in high gain omnidirectional MIMO antennas
  • Automatically choose the optimal channel
  •  Scheduling and limited weakness signal terminal access.
  • Can reject the terminal access of low signal strength
  • Multi-SSID feature to support VLAN and SSID binding.
  • Supports centralized management of wireless controllers