Google may pull off its Android OS from Turkey Smartphone market

Google’s Android smartphone OS is not only the dominated one but also available in the reach of everyone those want a smartphone in their pockets. However, soon, in the upcoming months, the sale of new Android smartphones could be tough; since Turkish authorities have given its verdict on the distortion of market competition, Google has planned not to allow the release of new devices running on official Android versions.

According to Reuters and one of the Turkish media portal Huberturk’s reports,  Google recently, informed its Turkish business partners, precisely the country’s network operators –  that due to this contagious mater it would not be able to provide Android license any more for use for Turkish smartphones.

Thus, the official Android version with Google certification will no longer be available to use on a new smartphone in Turkey along with associated services and apps. As in the beginning, we apprise that Google Android is most popular and dominated mobile operating system which currently shares 90 per cent of mobile operating systems in Turkey, it definitely going to impact firmly on Turkish network operators and indeed on customers as well.

Why all is this happening?

In September 2018, the Turkish’s competition authority rapped Google a hefty fine of 93 million lira or around 17.4 million US dollars for violating competition law with its mobile software sales. After that, Google got 6 months to mitigate the competition differences with other players in the market. However, Google has made some changes to the contracts with the device manufacturers for the preinstallation of Android official version along with all Google services, but according to a decision made on November 7 by the Turkish competition authorities, the changes done in the contract are inadequate. As per them, still, the American Giant doesn’t allow to change the default search engine of the official Android OS.

This all probe by Turkey has been started after a complaint of Russian search engine operator Yandex. As per the Yandex, the tight integration between Google search engine services and official Android OS version is an abuse of the market power.

However, as per Google, the final decision will affect upcoming latest Android smartphones only, while all existing models and devices commercially running on Android will remain intact. Thus, if the US company keeps its decision adamant, the Tukey will see only half-baked Android smartphones.