WhatsApp Business app is Finally here!!

After creating a buzz around on social media, the WhatsApp Business App is finally going to be released in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S and later will available in other regions too. 

The WhatsApp Business app is specially designed for the small businesses to easily reach and interact with their customers. Almost every businessman and businesses using the standard chatting application WhatsApp which was built for common peoples & their personal usage. But somewhere it missing few elements from a business point of view. So, WhatsApp trying the build more efficient businesses app that can provide information in a better way.

The Businesses can download the WhatsApp directly (Link) from the Google Play store or App store. For using this new app you need to set up your account by providing standard information along with some additional info about the business such as business description, email or store address, and website details that help customers to reach them.

WhatsApp business app

Like the personal WhatsApp, the WhatsApp business also let the users reply to their customer’s answers, send them greetings, business introductory message and away messages. While for the customer’s convenience, the WhatsApp will mark them as business account messages that help them to easliy identify them.

Whatsapp business app for small businesses

Right now this app is not available for one of the biggest markets of WhatsApp which is India. Also, according to WhatsApp India has around 80% small business, but still we don’t know why it’s not there first.

WhatsApp business app download link:  Play Store