William O’Neil India launches SWINGTrader in India

Backed by the successful track record in US markets, equity research firm William O’Neil India has launched SWINGTrader in India, a product that combines fundamental analysis with technical analysis to increase the potential for success. The SWINGTrader is designed for the Indian equities market, allows you to track all publicly traded stocks and can screen the database with hundreds of different criteria to screen for superior stocks.

SWINGTrader in India is based on the US model of applying the rules of William O’Neil’s CAN SLIM Investing System in swing trading environment to help you take advantage of short-term needs.

“The SWINGTrader product has been well received in the US markets and that prompted us to launch SWINGTrader in India, where we have an equally mature trading culture. In the US, our proprietary Investor’s Business Daily team uses over 20 proprietary screens that scan for key fundamental and technical criteria to develop swing trade ideas. It offers trading opportunities in any market whether up-trending or down-trending with the leverage of the CANSLIM strategy”, Anupam Singhi, CEO, William O’Neil India said.

Unlike other Swing products where one must interpret dozens of technical indications, this product does the analysis in the background and the user only needs to scan the list to determine if action is required. This can be done in not more than two minutes, making it easy to use. SWINGTrader goes for the quick hits. Most trades will have a goal of about 10% on the upside and limit risk on the downside with a stop loss of around 3%.

“At William O’Neil India, we believe in providing timely and time-saving market advice which includes customized independent research. Our expertise in market research and insights allow us to offer global buy and sell recommendations.” Mr Singhi added.

SWINGTrader is optimized for all devices and can be availed on the desktop, laptop, tablet or any mobile device.


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