WishADish tech startup raised INR 60 lakh

WishADish, a Delhi based tech startup recently announced, they have raised INR 60 lakh (around $84000) from a group of investor whose name has not been public by the startup, yet.

However, the startup has apprised that their so-called Angel investors have a good hold in cosmetic, apparel, real estate and more such kind of businesses.

If we talk about WishADish, then as its name one can assume what it would be? It deals or provides a one-stop management solution for restaurants that includes cloud-based POS billing, inventory management, CRM, third-party management and marketing management.

As per the startup which is a part of BBSJ Management Services Pvt Limited conveyed that, they are going to use the raised funding to expand their business geographically primarily in tier 2&3 cities along with a plan to stretch its arms to regions like Bihar, Orissa and others that still following the conventional ways.

Furthermore as per the WishADish:

Across the world, the organized sector of the food services industry is moving towards customer’s “Eating Out asAn Experience”, demanding more time on the taste, ambience, online marketing & new experimentations, and lesser on traditional managerial tasks such as billing, inventory, etc.

WishADish tech startup raised INR 60 lakh-min

WishADish offers flexible payment structure – “PAY AS YOU BILL”, an end to end solution with a major focus on providing the best after-sales services. WishADish promises a response time of a maximum of 1 hour, which is the quickest in the market.