YouTube Announced it will Remove all Suggested Video Links

Recently on the official YouTube blog, it has been clear that the Google ‘s YouTube team is planning to remove the suggested video links.  According to YouTube mostly the odd videos which appear in the suggested video list of YouTube and not relevant to the users watching stuff is need to be removed.

These are those videos which are not clicked by the users or didn’t pay attention to the viewer.

As per the YouTube, the reason behind doing this is the only 1 out of 20 viewers clicked on the links appears in suggested at any given time. And those did click, many of them were taken to dead live streams which looks like a spam.

With this decision,  YouTube thinks there would be no bad ascendant for them but yes, it will also remove existing in-video notifications which could create some awkward moments for users as it pop-up that the video is no longer exist.

They also said the Youtubers still can promote their YouTube videos using cards and links at the end, moreover, they can also place the links in the description box.

We all hate spamming and I think this YouTube decision might be helpful to enhance the user experience.


Source:  YouTube