YouTube Updated Pinch-to-Zoom for Screens wider Like Iphone X

The Smartphones are now shifting towards the extreme bezel-less display those have around 18:9 ratio. The powerful hardware configuration using in smartphones make them easy to handle taller and wider displays. The apps those are meant to display the content of on 16:9 ratio display won’t able to fit on 18:9 smartphones, for example, incase of Samsungs’Note8 and iPhone X. Both the phones have 18:5:9 aspect ratio without black borders.

Some smartphones user interface has built with a feature to customize the aspect ratio to play the videos in full fill screen mode without any black bars at the sides.

Recently, YouTube added an update feature Pinch-to-Zoom in its YouTube App. It means those users don’t have an inbuilt feature to change the aspect ratio in their UI can now watch the videos in full-screen. The YouTube pinch-to-zoom feature allows cropping & zooming for YouTube videos. It will help to extend the video size to fill all unused space showing on big screens.

YouTube Updated Pinch-to-Zoom for Screens wider Like Iphone X

The user will find this feature in YouTube’s version 12.44. This features really helps to enjoy the videos on fullscreen but it may crop some areas of videos while zooming…

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