13 Free Trial & Open source BIM Software List

Building Information Modelling – or BIM software is a common platform that is used to generate or manage the digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. Building information models (BIMs) improve the building processor by minimizing errors. Today, most of the large structure buildings, tunnels, bridges, etc…  are modeled using BIM software. Apart from 3D modeling, the BIM software also includes a series of other information to make the construction process much easier such as

  • Materials information
  • Relationships to other objects or models
  • Special instructions for building or maintenance,
  • Advanced analyses of the model
  • Structural resistance
  • Cost and construction time estimations
  • Calculations of energy consumption
  • And more…

All the below-mentioned BIM tools are free to download and use.

Note: We haven’t tested them and on the basis of internet research, we have listed them

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Best Available Free and Open source BIM Software List


BIMX free and open source BIM software tools

BIMx software features the Hyper-model. It is a 2D and 3D building project navigation tool that is free. It is also available in the paid version. BIMX supports the Google Cardboard VR to get a virtual experience of the building designs. BIMx helps bridge the gap between the design studio and the construction site. Available for Android and iOS mobile devices free of cost.

BIMX Key Features

  • Hyperlinked 2D & 3D
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Real-World-like Experience
  • Cloud Storage Access
  • Custom Per-Element Info Sets
  • Zone Info Display
  • 3D Content
  • 2D Content
  • All-around 3D Cutaways
  • BIMcloud integration for team messaging

Openbim: Open ToolBox For BIM

This BIM software is known as xBIM Software Toolkit which is available on GitHub to download. The xBIM a.k.a eXtensible Building Information Modelling is a free, open-source, software development toolkit that allows developers to create bespoke BIM middleware for IFC-based applications. It also offers some practical demo examples of use in real-life building contexts that are available on GitHub too. As it is an open-source platform you can use it to create multiple BIM tools.


Digital project 

Digital project 

This is another kind of free-to-download BIM software and allows to build – BIM & CAD models regardless of geometric complexity. Before downloading the software the user needs to request the license key. The Digital project suite comprises three packages. DP Designer, DP Manager, and DP Extensions.

DP Designer: This part of the DP BIM software handle the 3D and BIM modeling for architectural design, engineering, and construction. IT provides Parametric surface modeling, Advanced solid part modeling, Knowledge-driven automation, Bi-directional Excel integration, Project organization, and Industry translators.

DP Manager:  This part is used to manage the project review & information.  It handles the 3D Model review, Quantity take-offs, Measuring and annotation, 4D modeling and schedule integration, Project collaboration, 2D and 3D support.

DP Extensions: To extend the capabilities of software such as MEP / Systems routing, Model optimization, Cloud of points import & export, Subdivision surface modeling, Realistic rendering, Advanced knowledge capture, and re-use.


Dynamo BIM 

Dynamo BIM free software

It is community-driven Open source graphical programming for design. It can use for computational design and building information modeling (BIM). Dynamo extends building information modeling with the data and logic environment of a graphical algorithm editor.

It provides a friendly visual interface, built-in visualization, and constructs logic routines. Both the open-source version of Dynamo and Autodesk Dynamo Studio works with Autodesk Revit can be used on their own or in conjunction with other programs as a lightweight computational design sketch place.


BIM 360

BIM 360 Autocad FRee BIM software

It is a free BIM software from Autodesk for students and Educators. BIM 360 is a construction management software that enables almost any time, anywhere access to project data throughout the building construction lifecycle.

Edificius Free BIM Software

Edificius Free BIM Software

Edificius is the free BIM software that is integrated with real-time rendering capabilities for your designs. It allows to create of a 3D video for architectural visualizations, an advanced BIM Design solution for integrating architectural design, structural analysis, and cost estimating. It can pull the data from the Google Maps satellite imagery for an accurate mapping of the land.

Tekla BIMsight


Tekla BIMsight is another free BIM software tool that allows the project team to identify issues during the early stages of construction.  The engineers or learners can use this tool to combine the entire construction workflow models, check for clashes, and share information using the same easy-to-use BIM environment.


B-processor open source BIM software list

B-processor is BIM software that was developed from scratch and not as an add-on or further development of existing CAD software. In this software, the top, front and side views are abandoned. All modeling takes place in a perspective 3d view which results in a very realistic and intuitive workflow. This is a design tool that is just like Google’s sketch-up software in terms of usability and ease to learn.


BIMserver opensource BIM software server for different BIM IFC tools

The Building Information Model server (BIMserver.org) is an open-source server platform that allows creating its own ‘BIM Operating System’.  The IFC open standard is the core base of the BIMserver software and that’s why it can easily handle the IFC data. Everything in this software is based on plugins in an open framework and is easy to fine-tune. Core features like merging, model checking, fusion, authorization/authentication, comparing, etc. are available on top of the database.

BIM Surfer

BIM Surfer open source (WebGL) web-based BIM viewer toolkit

BIM Surfer is an open-source (WebGL) web-based viewer toolkit for the visualization of BIM data from IFC and glTF from the recent version of the open-source BIMserver.


Cype is full-fledged free software for architecture, engineering, and construction. It has two software packages one  CYPETHERM Suite that features the IFC builder, Cypetherm loads, Cypetherm  Hvac, Cypetherm  Hygro, Cypetherm  Bridges, Cypetherm  Eplus, and Cypelux.

The second software package is for Structures, building services, and management.

The Structures group contains multiple tools such as CYPECAD, Portal frame generator, CYPE 3D, CYPE-Connect, Embedded retaining walls, Reinforced concrete cantilever walls, Punching shear verification, Foundation elements, Continuous beams, Box culverts.


The management group has two Arquimedes and  job control



BricsCAD BIM software

It is professional BIM software and is available to download for free. You can fully explore the project design level by level.  Store building materials and compositions in the project database. Generate sheet sets with elevation, section or plan views, and more…


TAD3DView BIM software viewer

TAD is an early-stage Building Information Modeller.  It is based on fundamental architectural research.  TAD has a built-in language called “ARDELA” (ARchitectural DEsign LAnguage) that can be used to create add-ons to provide additional querying functionality.  You can easily preview your design fly around the design and even zoom in, anytime.


Revit LT

Revit LT Auto cad BIM Free software

It is another BIM software from Autodesk but with 30 days trial only.  It provides 3D design and visualization, single coordinated model, documentation, autogenerated schedules, and more.



openMAINT is an enterprise open-source solution for Property & Facility Management (CMMS). It manages the inventory, maintenance, logistics, and economic information related to buildings, plants, and movable assets.

openMAINT includes the modules of

  • Space & Asset Inventory
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Logistic Management
  • Economic Management
  • Energy & Environment
  • GIS & BIM.


FreeCAD Free BIM software

The Arch Workbench of FreeCAD implements a series of tools and facilities for BIM modeling.  However, the exact purpose of the Arch is something different and meant to work in a tight integration environment of FreeCAD. The Arch Workbench also includes all the tools from the Draft Workbench and uses its grid and snapping system.

BIM Vision

This tool is an IFC model viewer. BIM Vision visualizes the BIM models created in IFC format 2×3. It has many built-in features and is the first viewer with a plugin interface.

List of other Open-source BIM Organizations & users available on GitHub

If you know any other, well-known BIM software suitable to fit on the above list, please let us know!!


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