Zebronics Launches series of power banks: ZEB-PG10000D, ZEB-PG15000D, ZEB-PG20000D

Zebronics, the Indian IT peripherals company recently launched couple of high capacity Power banks with features like dual output, LED torch and Digital Display.

The launched series of power bank are ZEB-PG10000D with a capacity of 10000 mAh, ZEB-PG15000D has 150000 mAh , and the last one which is  ZEB-PG20000D comes with the highest capacity of 20000 mAh. All these power banks also features LED torch along with a Digital display to know the amount of power is left in the Power banks.

If you talk about ports, the launched Zebronics power banks has one micro USB for input and two USB ports for output . The output and input power of both the power banks is DC5V 2A. Such high capacity and power output can easily charge your device fast.

Zebronics powerbanks


Speaking on the launch of the Power Bank, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics says,“In today’s world we need high capacity power banks to get more out of your devices and the need for a high capacity power bank is extremely essential as you multitask with your phone. Charge two devices at a time and remain worry free with the new series of our power banks.”



To ensure the safety, the Zebronics Power Bank uses multiple security features to protect from short circuit, input/output short, over charge and over discharge.

The ZEB-PG10000D, ZEB-PG15000D, ZEB-PG20000D are available in black color at the price of Rs.2,499, Rs.3,399, and Rs.4,399, respectively across India.

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  1. Zebronics power banks series ZEB-PG10000D looks great but most of power banks are suffering with data cable failure, hope Zebronics this series wont suffer with this issue.
    -Thanks for the update.


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