Amani ASP BT 5510 Neckband wireless earphone review

Wireless Neckband earphones are trending nowadays because of their portability and neck hanging comfortable design. Since in trend, we can see an influx of such kind of earphones in the market with different price and quality. To beat others in the game, recently, Amani, a mobile accessories brand launched a neckband Bluetooth in-ears with a promise to offer a budget price, lightweight and clear sound. In this review, we will debunk the real quality, design and other perspectives to know whether the Amani ASP BT 5510 is really valuable to become your music partner in 2020 or not.

As I said Amani ASP BT 5510 belongs to the neckband Bluetooth in-ears category; the Bluetooth module, as well as the control buttons and the microphone, are housed at the edge of “collar” of the earphones. Because the control buttons are particularly easy and reliable to find on the collar. In addition, there is less risk of pulling them earphones out of your ears when handling than if you are fiddling with a cable remote control. Furthermore, the neckband offers space – for example for powerful batteries.

AMANI ASP-BT-5510 Neckband Wireless Earphones  

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  • Bluetooth Version: 5.1 +EDR
  • Transmission range 10M
  • Frequency range 20Hz-20KHz
  • Battery: 130mAh
  • Speaker: 10mm
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Working time =6 hours
  • Music Playing time= 6 hours
  • Standby time = 130 hours
  • Charging time = 2 hours


The design of Amani is not out of the world and very generic but the beauty of its lies in the material used by the company. The neckband is of soft rubber which makes it lightweight and weighs only 15gms. The softness of it allows the bending of the band all the way around, in case, one is using it while relaxing or working out, there would be no fear of damaging at all.

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At both ends of the neckband, there are two bulges, the left one holds the battery and control buttons including micro USB charging port as we discussed in the beginning.

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The design element which makes the headphone attractive is the Blue LED lights on both collar ends which illuminates as we power ON the earphones. It is something extra which we generally don’t see in budget wireless earphones. It looks great while using them in dark.

Amani ASP BT 5510 LED lights-min

The extended wire that connects ear drivers to the main module of the ASP BT 5510 module on first glance looks like nylon braided, however, it just an imitation. The material of it is rubber with good strength. If you talk about the cable joints, although firmly fixed, however, you know they need to handle carefully otherwise a small mishap could cause a lot.

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To ensure there should be no tangling and accidentally drop of earphones, the driver ends have been armed with magnetic properties, means if we are not using the Amani ASP BT 5510, then, can simply attach both magnetic ends of ear driver, so that the two ends don’t dangle freely on the neckband.

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Ear driver snuggle:

The buds used on the earphone are of soft silicon and can be easily fit into the ear canal without any discomfort. Nevertheless, if you have larger ears then popping out of them is obvious, as we are not getting any extra buds along with it. Hence, you have to bear this problem, if you have big ears and planning to buy this budget earphones.


In terms of sound, ASP BT 5510 gives neutral sound and need to be more balanced. No doubt vocals were clear but in terms of bass, it needs to work extra mile because it appears more artificial than deep and rich. Looking at its price, I would like to say it has done a great job in terms of treble and vocals but again failed to impress at high notes of songs. Again at full volume, it bit noisy, thus recommend to use around 70 per cent for the best outcome.

The company claimed that it could provide around 6 hours of music playback which is almost true while using we got around 5.5 hours of battery backup (listing at 60 per cent volume) which is good got for a ₹ 1099/- wireless earphones.

Who should buy Amani ASP BT 5510?

If you want a budget wireless earphones with attractive design for day to day calling and music listening stuff with a good battery backup, then this budget earphones will not make a hole in your pocket but audiophiles and bass lovers have to spend more to get the best.


1. Lightweight
2. LED Light design
3. Good Battery Backup


1. Average bass
2. No extra earbuds thus proper fitting could be an issue.

Amani ASP BT 5510 Review Ratings